1 to 1 Testimonials

I first contacted Dave after going through a period of feeling anxious, depressed and experiencing panic attacks following some big changes in my personal life. I felt directionless, disinterested in life and the anxiety was affecting my personal relationships and my ability to focus in work.

I had attended CBT therapy 8 years prior to contacting Dave. If you have attended any ‘traditional’ therapies before, you should be aware that Dave’s methods are more unorthodox! My first point of contact with Dave was through the ‘opening call’. In the short time we spent on the phone, Dave was able to shift my perspective and calmed me in that moment. I then started to attend 1 to 1 sessions with Dave shortly after.

The process during the sessions is unlike anything I have experienced before. Dave is straight talking and challenges you to explore your ‘mental map’ of the world. The sessions were emotionally challenging but Dave creates an environment in which I felt completely safe and guided. Following the sessions, I would notice things we had explored ‘clicking’ into place. In contrast to traditional therapy, you don’t have to expose any of the content of the events/experiences that are affecting you if you don’t want to. Dave guides you to explore it in your own mind, which I feel would be a big positive for people who don’t wish to discuss the actual ins & outs.

Attending 1 to 1 sessions with Dave is without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made and I am so grateful that I was introduced to him. It is hard to quantify the impact it has had on my life because it really changed my whole experience and perception of the world around me. I am able to be experience far more joy in life and can process negative experiences more quickly, without carrying the burden of them for extended periods of time. I feel ‘lighter’ and I am far more excited about my future and accepting the unpredictability of the journey! I can’t express my gratitude to Dave enough… thank you!!  Rach S.

Rachel S

I knew about Dave because he had already helped several people who are very close to me to overcome serious mental health obstacles in their lives. Some of these people had undergone years of therapy to little or no effect. I knew that Dave’s approach was very different to conventional psychotherapy and that as well as tears there would be laughter - a lot of it, often both at once. 
Because of the trauma from my past, I felt damaged before my sessions with Dave, like faulty goods. I felt an overwhelming fear and distrust of the world and many of the people in it. It is no exaggeration to say that these feelings were eating me alive and robbing me of the ability to enjoy my life. Dave helped me to see and imagine a world where it didn’t have to be like this. I feel like I have taken the longest breath and released all the poison from my body and my mind.
From the first phone call, Dave gives unstinted support. I felt confident talking to him about things that I could hardly admit to myself because Dave takes it all in his stride and somehow gets you to see for yourself the easy steps you can take to adjust your faulty thinking so that you get to live the life that you deserve - that I deserve, free from the judgment of others and most of all free from self-hatred. I think in terms of value for money, that is pretty priceless! 
I have recommended Dave to many people and to my knowledge, even those who were initially sceptical, have come away feeling as I do, that he is a life saver - literally. 
I had three sessions with Dave and they changed my life. It is possible that in the future I may need or want to return to Dave and I know that he is there in person or at the end of the phone to support me. 
We all deserve to fully experience our short time on earth and to live without fear. Dave really does help with finding the path to a better life and if you are in despair, call him NOW!  Kath Little

Kath Little

I saw Dave for depression and anxiety following treatment for Cancer and the death of my brother.... I was in a really bad place thinking that life was awful and had no purpose.

 It took me a few sessions, because at first I really resisted the simplicity of his methods. I am so glad I persisted though, as he has taught me to 'think' and look at life in a totally different way.

Life now is far better and I am happier than I have been for a long time.
I would recommend Dave to anyone who is going through hard times or troubles. He is at the end of a phone for text or a chat or even email at any time. Carol Smith

Carol Smith

“Louise and I were referred to Dave after being caught up in a recent Terrorist attack in London. We were both processing the incident in different ways. Louise was suffering severe panic attacks whilst I wasn’t processing what had happened and was left feeling numb.

We were dealt with as individuals but remained in the sessions together which allowed us to understand what the other was feeling and how we could help each other through this.

It’s very difficult to describe what Dave does (even now we are still mesmerised by how it all works), but I guess I would call it mind mapping. He takes your existing views or perceptions which can be misleading, cause negativity and helps rewire them in a more logical and positive way.

The 3 hour sessions were extremely intense, and we experienced a complete spectrum of emotions which opened our eyes and allowed us to move forward. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his services anyone whose feeling troubled.

Thanks again for your help Dave, Big Love. Louise & Matt.

Louise & Matt

I was going through a very bad period in my life, and after a suicide attempt and the breakdown of a long term relationship had become very reclusive and depressed.
I was put onto Dave by my boss after she had noticed me in tears at my desk, but after seeing NHS recommended counsellors I was reluctant to speak with him.

When we spoke on the phone I immediately felt more comfortable talking to him and didn't feel like I was being judged as I had with the previous people I had seen, knowing I needed some kind of help I made an appointment.
it did take Dave a while to break through the walls that I had built but after a few sessions I could feel my mindset changing, I could not understand how but I was pleased.

Eventually I started to enjoy the sessions and even looked forward to them, I was noticing a change in not only my mindset, but my personality was getting a lot more likeable, I felt a lot more confident in myself, I noticed that I was smiling a lot more, and I was feeling happy again.

The biggest improvement I noticed in myself was that I didn't hide away from difficult situations anymore In fact I started to notice that I was finding ways to control the situations instead of trying to escape them.

I have no idea what I would be like today if I had not taken the step and spoke to Dave, but if I had continued the way I was, I probably wouldn't be around now.

i would highly recommend Dave, the cost of the sessions may seem high but I feel that what he has given me in return is priceless, the support that I knew was available even outside the arranged appointments was a great, it made me feel like I wasn't just another client, and that he actually did give a shit.

Six months ago I would hardly get off the couch, and hardly spoke with my long time friends, let alone anyone new and I would shy away from social situations.

This weekend I have just completed the national 3 peaks challenge with 8 people of whom I only loosely knew one, so that is a great exhibit of what Dave has done for me. Richard Evans

Richard Evans

Hi Dave, I’m so sorry it’s taken me such a long time to write a review type thing. Here it is anyway…
“I saw Dave for a few sessions two years ago I was in a very dark place, and had exhausted every other option, sending years in and out of hospital being treated for PTSD and Anorexia Nervosa.

Years of therapy, and hundreds of pounds later, I ended up giving Dave a try. At first I was very sceptical, I didn’t think it was possible to recover if I’m honest. Within the first session
Dave had pin pointed where all my problems lay, and touched upon something neither I, nor the multiple past professions I’d seen had ever concerned.
It took a couple of short weeks and my life completely changed. My family and I were in complete shock by how drastically I’d improved.

Those dark thoughts never returned, and two years on I can honestly say that Dave saved my life. Thank you so much – 19 year old girl, Chosen to remain anonymous.


“I want to share this experience with you guys, those who love me know how Iv been crippled with terrible anxiety for years resulting in me locking myself away leading me into depression that robbed me of my happiness.

The first time I met Dave he changed my life forever guys! Years of therapists and medications all the while knowing they couldn’t help then I accidentally stumbled into emotional freedom technique (eft) with Dave, my mum could see the positive effects physically!! A weight truly had been lifted from my very tired shoulders.

If you have ever considered doing mindfulness courses stop!! And get hold of Dave he totally blows everything else out f the water, I feel like the world needs this and I aim to raise awareness after all you can’t access something you don’t know exist, take the first step to freedom guys.”  Cally K.

Cally K

“The first phone call with Dave was a game changer, he made me feel at ease within seconds, and literally after a few minutes, my mood had lightened and I found myself laughing at my thoughts, this is something I thought I would never be capable of doing. That call made me excited for my first session with dave. The first session went amazing, you would definitely not call it “therapy”,
It was more like chatting to an uplifting friend, with a great sense of humour…the guy is hilarious.
He can make you see light of every situation, I could have sat chatting to him for hours, but the session only lasts 90 mins….. little did I  know, this 90 mins was about to change my life, or I should say…..”the way I SEE life”.

When I initially left Dave, I sat in my car thinking…. what the hell just happened! I found it hard to think straight for a little while, as I was trying to take everything we had spoke about in, but as the next few days passed by, all that Dave had introduced me to was starting to sink in and make total sense.
I started to feel, and think like a different person, by this, I mean….the way I looked at things, it was so differently to what it was prior to seeing Dave.
Dave had taught me how to recognise the REAL and NOT REAL, this for me was life changing. He made me realise that “THOUGHT” was stopping me “LIVING”
One session with Dave have changed my complete outlook on life, I can’t thank him enough, the guy is an ABSOLUTE LEDGE! I now follow Dave on social media, where he shares quotes, these to me are like mini Dave sessions….. I love them, they keep it real. The freedom to living is so simple when you know how. ” Sarah.


“I was put into contact with Dave after experiencing what I thought to have been my first panic attack. ” I’ve always been a worrier”  but recently I found myself using all my energy worrying about other people more than ever , questioning myself constantly : am I doing things right? Should I be doing something else? Am I actually happy or am I lying to myself? Could I do better? Are my family happy? Am I doing well in work? As a 24 year old I felt that I was spending all my time worrying about the future and things that I COULD be doing . Although my thoughts weren’t depressing, it was just constant thinking.
The  only way I could describe it is it’s as if your full of thought from head to toe and there was no room for anything new or living in the moment , which was when I knew I needed help.
This is exactly what Dave taught me to do. THERE IS ONLY THIS MOMENT! Dave used loads and loads of different exercises which made me realise this fact, although you hear this every day in books/quotes, Dave illustrated this in a way I can’t explain!! And I actually believe in this statement rather than acknowledge it.

Just after one session I already felt a whole new perspective on how I was living and how I was going implement what I learnt with Dave in every day.
Dave has great patience and made sure that I was following him on “every step” of the process , when I didn’t quite relate or understand what Dave was talking about he was understanding and quickly moved onto something different.
The methods that Dave used were extremely impressive and not hard to take part in or understand. I went to my sessions with an open mind and really let Dave work his magic.
I actually only had 2 sessions with Dave and felt like I didn’t need any further sessions . The first session helped to clear out exactly what sort of anxiety I had been experiencing and how life conditioning, past events , past experiences all effect the way you think. A month later, without any catch up with Dave i Feel that I  know how to bring myself back into the moment. I feel that I went to Dave just in time, because now I have the “tools” ( don’t like this word, think it’s more  knowledge or understanding) to recognise when I am going back to the mind-set that I had before going to Dave.
Before I went to  Dave I felt bad about the sessions as I believed my anxiety was probably nothing compared to other people who had been through trauma or something extremely life threatening.
But now I understand how important everyone’s anxiety is as it effects your life and your well being, so all id say to someone who feels like they need to make a change with their anxiety or mind-set, GO TO SEE DAVE and do not be ashamed for asking for help!”  Molly D

Molly D

“I phoned Dave as a last resort. After many years of battling with bulimia. I had come to a point where I felt that there was no where left turn. I had previously received “support” & counselling from a community psychiatric team. But, the cycle of self-loathing & powerlessness returned time & time again.
From that very first phone call, Dave put me at ease, & reassured me that “all was not lost.” He also told me to call him should I need support prior to my appointment.
After just one session, my life is so different. I now feel so unburdened, empowered & in total control.
For the first time in six months, I can eat without binging or purging. Twenty two years of Bulimia, was tamed & under control in just an hour & a half.
A continuous road of healing ahead I know. But, if I should need support. I know that Dave is only a phone call away.
Thank you so much for helping me find the strength, I never knew I had in me Dave!
My only regret, is that I didn’t make that phone call sooner.”  Lisa Davies.

Lisa Davies

“So i’ve had some coaching from a life coach called Dave Weller for the last couple of months, due to feeling down and having lots of confusion for some time – ‪#‎midlifecrisis‬ lol… It feels good to let you know about him. If you have worry, compulsions or unwanted behaviours, recurring crazy stories whirling around that brain; feel lost or have ‘what the fuck am i doing here’ moments day after day; feel people and life are against you. If you’ve done all the things this life, media, and what others say, or what you ‘think’ you need to make you happy, and you’re not. If life is always heavy…. If anything really… He’ll shine the biggest mirror back at you, help you find the perceptual cage you live in, help show you and heal any behaviours from life conditioning you weren’t even aware of; help replace known or unknown dogma and judgements with absolute truths.
Help you need no future willpower to deal with unwanted habits or addictions, as they simply no longer make sense to you; he will show you the falsehoods carried which drive behaviour, so they have no power any more, and you’ll laugh all along the way….
He’ll help you find a viewing place, with large space to move around in, above all the daily noise, which is far calmer, fun, heartfelt, whole, very grounded, and light, where its clear to see personal perceptions and thinking forming that can engulf, and create the noise we feel in the first place!!..it all starts from within.

We’re all human, still ups and downs and still outbursts happen. Life will still happen, but now whilst walking gracefully towards new truths and inspiration, and quickly returning to calm after blips.
The monkey mind can be seen for what it is, and used more effectively. It’s the best bit of money I have spent since I don’t know when, and the value I’ve received is far greater… Thank you Dave.”  Simon Johnson.

 Simon Johnson

“I booked through email so didn’t speak to Dave, but a recommendation from a work colleague made me decide to book.
I was constantly trying to keep other people happy and do things to please others.
I used to think about and over analyse everything which made me feel like I was going round in circles.
I had been doing this all my life. Although I was open minded about speaking to Dave, I didn’t believe that I would change as I didn’t understand why I was behaving the way I was. I thought it was just my personality that made me constantly want to do things to keep other people happy and this was something that I couldn’t alter. I had 5 sessions with Dave and I now have an understanding about things that I never had before, and understand that “the cavalry are never coming!”

Dave was very open and honest and shared personal details about his life which helped me to open up. I always felt comfortable and able to speak about issues that I would not normally be comfortable talking about. I never felt judged at all.

I have changed more than I thought, and am learning to try and keep ‘me’ happy now, although I do recognise that it is easy to revert to type, but now stop myself from doing it! It is like someone turning the light on as I now have an understanding of how thinking about things in the past and in the future does not achieve anything, or alter what will happen.
All that matters is the here and now and I have stopped trying to control and think about things that I have no control over.
I am also aware of when I am doing it now!! To have an understanding of how my mind works has made a huge difference to me and Dave explains things so simply

I wish I had spoken to him years ago!! You can’t really put a value on what I have learned and the difference it has made, although it is definitely good value for money.” Suzanne Jones.

Suzanne Jones

“A close colleague/friend suggested Dave to me. He had done a group NLP with Dave a few weeks before. My friend assured me that Dave would “very quickly get to the root of the problem”, but I just couldn’t see how he could do that. I didn’t even know what the problem was really. I just was unhappy all the time. Really sad even though I have my own family and my own home and a job etc. I was just so down all the time.

I had tried so many things over the years. I just hoped that Dave would be the answer. And thank god he was. I nearly started crying with relief when I spoke to Dave on the phone.
He just knew straight away where I was emotionally. And he was reassuring that we would be able to sort it out. My life was very closed. I had closed off from so many social avenues. It was so stagnant. I felt like I was shrivelling up and there was no future for me.
This had been getting steadily worse for the last 20 years since my late teens. I had a lot of hangups from childhood. I hoped that one day I would probably just close my eyes and never wake up again.
I had tried CBT and other therapies but still didn’t quite cut it. I was so unhappy all the time.
I couldn’t sleep well or laugh anymore or BE happy or anything. I felt like I was a living shell of a person just going through the motions day in day out.

Dave just spoke to me like on a level. He didn’t judge or analyse what I was saying. Even though I didn’t know him and he is a man and I am a woman, surprisingly to me, I felt safe enough to let it all out and some of it when it came out was very personal. I am quite a reserved person but he just made me feel like it was okay to really let my emotions out. And tell the truth!

After the first session I felt very different. I felt real and raw and relieved more than anything. And surprised that he could make so much difference in one hour!!!! That night I slept like a log. To be honest, things had got so bad, the cost was almost irrelevant. It sounds like a lot of money per session but I had spent 2 years doing CBT at half the cost per session but had about 24 sessions!
I only had 3 with Dave so it was a bargain! I still have to work with the tools Dave has taught me and sometimes have difficult days but I am making my own choices in my life and it feels richer and I am happy.
I can laugh again. And I am amazed at how much I used to lie to myself!!!! And sometimes still do but I work on this now.
It was such a revelation after my first appointment. Yet so simple. And if I need to talk anything over with Dave in the future, I know I can just pick up the phone.
I now feel like I have choices. And I feel more aware of my own emotions. I am SO much more assertive. I don’t let people walk over me anymore. And I don’t get into situations that I don’t want to be in anymore. I would recommend Dave because I absolutely know he can help”. Victoria James.

Victoria James

“I got in touch with Dave a few weeks ago after noticing a post he put up on LinkedIn about the importance of clarity for achieving business success, something I was investigating.
After a really interesting and enjoyable 90 minute Skype call, I cannot over emphasise the power and impact the session has had on me, both professionally and as it turns out personally as well.
This was a surprise as I have been on dozens of development courses, including an in-depth NLP course lasting 6 month and while taking away a lot of intellectual understanding, the bottom line was that none of the courses significantly changed what I was looking for and would be most beneficial… beliefs and behaviour.

Since the initial session we had (and a shorter 60 min one, a week later), I have had some amazing results and easily created for myself highly motivational business (and personal) plans that I’m really enjoying following through with….

If you are looking for either significant improvements in your business or personal life I thoroughly recommend a conversation with Dave – as you will get both!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.” Richard Barker – hired Dave as a Business Consultant.

Richard Barker

“When I was looking for help, I think I believed the solution was about changing someone else – stopping them from doing what they were doing to me; because I saw the problem as requiring someone else to change and I couldn’t see how I could achieve this.
I had convinced myself that this was an impossible task because it is not possible for me to change that person and to compound my ‘problem’, I even began to think less of myself, I had begun to doubt who I was, who I am!! I was allowing the problem to consume my energy – emotionally, intellectually and physically.
This was resulting in me having disturbed sleep; loss of appetite and not wanting to do the things (like regular exercise) which have always been the way in which I manage a busy and at times (even without this problem) stressful but exceptionally fulfilling life and job.
The impact on my life was that I was at times tearful, more often anxious – which is very unusual for me; I was preoccupied with a perception of both the problem and myself that did not match the reality.

I found out about Dave from someone who I trust and respect who has worked with Dave; someone who trusts and respects Dave and who believed that Dave and I would be able to work together to resolve the issue that I needed support to resolve.

Dave made me feel at ease during the first phone call and what was said reinforced the information that had been provided by the person who has suggested Dave to me, and so decided to book a session.
During the sessions I felt safe – first and foremost; I felt accepted and my feelings were acknowledged – there was never any doubt or questioning that what I felt how was how I felt; (it might have been to be right, but it was accepted that this was how I felt at that point in time!) and I was not judged, I was supported and coached. It took almost 2 sessions to change!! I say almost 2 because, I think I ‘got it’ in the first session; the second session was just for reassurance and a reality check! It was like a weight was lifted.
The ‘problem’ didn’t go away, I had changed the way I looked at and managed it. Now it’s changed I do not feel the constant anxiety and knot in my stomach; I am no longer tearful; I am able to deal with the ‘problem’ which persists, however I no longer allow it to affect me in the way that I previously did. Support was available between sessions, however I did not feel I required it.
There were a couple of times that I thought I might phone, but worked through some of the thoughts/discussions/techniques in my mind and was ok so no longer felt I needed to ring in between the session.

The value of the sessions cannot be quantified in financial terms – ones health & well being is priceless!
The value in terms of regaining balance and perspective has enabled me to continue to function in all of the various roles I have within my family, community and work place and still have time for me. The sessions have helped me to develop techniques to ‘remove the damaging thoughts & emotions’ and to function / deal with the matter in hand; this does not mean I no longer care; that I am no longer hurt by what has happened – far from it. What it means is that I am able to manage, to cope and to function – the energy is positive and constructive, not damaging and draining.

I would recommend and refer Dave because I believe that he has the values, the skills and an approach that can support an individual or a team to bring about the change they are looking for.” Elizabeth Davies.

Elizabeth Davies

“To be honest I was going to Dave because my partner said I had to and it was to please him first and foremost.
But I was completely open to the possibility that this man could very well help me resolve my problems, as my partner had been to see Dave some years prior to us getting together and he always spoke highly of Dave and how time spent with Dave helped transform his thinking and therefore his life.
Dave has a lovely way about him and I felt like he really wanted to help and after a few minutes realised I was in the right place. After a while I became like a tap with problems I didn’t think were problems surfacing.
My temper and anger were impacting my relationship with my partner and my aura in general. I had always had a quick temper which would get the better of me but with the pressures of family life and young children I felt like it was taking me over.

I had reached the point where I really was sick of things and longed for a change. I was also holding considerable hurt and anger towards my father to the point where I couldn’t feel love towards him. This obviously affected my relationship with my father.
I had low self-esteem and suffered with guilt after my temper outbursts, which then made me feel worse about myself. I was on a merry-go-round and didn’t know how to get off.
On top of this I was still recovering from being cheated on several times in my first love relationship. I had ended this relationship 4 years prior but was probably still holding onto the pain in ways. Had I not gone to seen Dave, my own self confidence and worth would be lower and I’d be miserable deep down.
I would have continued feeling resentment and anger towards my father who isn’t getting any younger.
My children would be affected by my issues and that was a big no- no for me. At best our relationship and family life would be suffering as my temper and anger created more arguments and hostility.
At the worst my partner and I could have separated.

Although I had 3 sessions, I would say it took 2 sessions to change. I definitely feel more in control of my life and have more self esteem. I don’t feel like I have a sack of potatoes on my shoulders so I am lighter and enjoying my life much more.
I feel way more positive about the future. Of course life will throw things at me but I can deal with it.
I am not stuck in the past anymore, and I’m now looking forward to hugging my dad when I see him!

Money comes and goes, there’s always a hole for it. Inner peace and better relationships are priceless.
This man has the knowledge and the gifts to help you overcome your problems. Life is short and we all need to take responsibility for our minds and emotions to contribute to a better world for everyone.
Why suffer needlessly? Don’t wait, we only have today”.  Sophie Walker.

Sophie Walker

“I knew of Dave as a friend had used him to support him in dealing with a terminal diagnosis and in his preparations for dying.

During our first phone call there was no pressure from Dave at all. He gave brief synopsis of the type of service he could offer.
Dave was very approachable and seemed very open to helping but with no assumption that he would be the answer to all problems- more the ‘suck it and see’ approach which suited me as I always need to feel in control of my decisions and choices about what will/won’t work for me.
My problems had been carried for many, many years and manifested themselves in many ways- low self-esteem and feelings of worth; massive ‘neediness’ causing problems with new relationships; sleeplessness- revisiting ‘on loop’ past situations and experiences; frustrations about discrepancy in my ability to manage and feel capable in my working life but not in my private life; feelings of guilt and inferiority- constant, ‘what if’ questioning running on loop again about the past and the future.
With he need to always feel ‘liked’ by others and worry about others’ perceptions about me life would have been very lonely and miserable if I hadn’t had this support and help.
My relationship was at breaking point and my frustrations were spilling over into relationships with my teenage children, who were choosing to spend more and more time with their dad. I felt ‘on the edge’- of what I don’t know- but I knew that I was in a downward spiral!
I did not believe that I would ever be able to relinquish my feelings of ‘responsibility’ and ‘guilt’ and generally feeling pretty ‘crappy’ about myself.
I hated being by myself as I don’t think that I really liked me- if that makes sense- and I really couldn’t see a way out.
My partner suggested that I MIGHT want to talk to somebody about my ‘issues’ but didn’t think anything would be or could be resolved in my head and heart. Within three sessions it had changed!! A change that I NEVER would have believed possible!
Dave just knew where I was at. School of life maybe! He listened, made no judgements, listened, responded, but said it as it was – no bullshit!
Dave had a way of opening my eyes- properly- for years I’d been looking but not seeing. I like me now!
I believe in myself and enjoy NOW instead of panicking about what might have been, what has happened and what the future will bring.
No amount of money could be too much to feel so liberated. Dave saved me from myself!! And that is why I’d recommend him highly.” D. Jones.

 D. Jones

“I thought initially that my situation wouldn’t change, that it was hopeless and nobody could help me out of this gloomy period.
I was having problems with stress and anxiety.
I have had these episodes in the past and haven’t been able to calm myself down and relax.
I was constantly reviewing past and future events, in situations that I didn’t think I had any control over.
I was pandering to other people’s feelings and ignoring my own needs and feelings.
My father died 8 years ago and my mother past away 6 years later, they had both had strokes and my mother was ill for a very long time. I realised that I hadn’t coped well with their deaths and being a single person
I had no emotional support. I have had difficulty in my close personal relationships in the past, being very independent, and I don’t like to show my emotions.
This was also resulting in my not really coping very well at work. Stressful situations with certain senior work colleagues didn’t help my low self esteem and lack of confidence in my abilities.
I didn’t have a coping strategy, just reacted to events all the time.
Not a happy time. If I had I not been to see Dave my life would have remained the same, not communicating effectively with people and staying home alone.

After the first session I could see a change, Dave was very intuitive and I felt that he got to the problem after a short time; he was a great listener and was very astute at getting to the route of the problem.
I looked forward to the sessions we had booked.

I felt that Dave was non judgemental, and that I could talk about anything during the sessions. He led me through the process, and at all times I felt that he was listening to me, and provided the help and guidance that I needed.

Dave used a very powerful technique called EFT; this helped to release a lot of the past negative experiences that I had held onto throughout my adult life.

The value of the sessions was very good and they were the ideal length of time. I now feel more positive about my life, and realise that the future is in my hands not in the people around me. I’m not a victim any more; I’m free to be who I want to be and to experience life again.
I have started to change my life and make goals for the future. I’ve realised that I am in charge of my feelings and emotions, and that I’m in charge of what I chose to think about myself.

My self esteem has improved and I no longer feel the victim of circumstances.
I feel that I communicate better with people and I have also found that people want to be in my company a lot more. I’m attracting more positive experiences into my life.

I would feel very happy to recommend Dave’s services, as I feel that he understands the human mind and experiences, and with the use of NLP tools he can help you turn your life around. Many Thanks Dave.” Paul Stevens.

Paul Stevens

“I found out about Dave through attending a local gathering at Llantwit Beach Café, where Dave gave an informal chat and demonstration of NLP techniques. To me it was clear that the “past” certainly wasn’t the focus of Dave’s work, and having been counselled at intervals for the last twenty years, he could possibly help me to conquer my warped sense of thinking.

I was buzzing and feeling highly motivated after my first meeting with Dave. My gut told me, that this bundle of energy and positivity was going to help me break my cycle of negative thinking.
For the first time I met a person who was unwilling to indulge and make money out of my own self pity – refreshing!!!!!!
Before my sessions with Dave, I had issues of low self esteem, lack of assertiveness in relationships with friends, work colleagues and especially family.
These feelings had hounded me for 25 years since the death of my sister, and it came as an epiphany in a session that all these thoughts stemmed from the fact that I felt I should have been the one that should have passed away.

Had I not taken action and booked sessions with Dave, I would have continued over analysing my every thought with myself and interactions with others. It would have driven me insane and seriously affected my health and my relationships with my nearest and dearest.
I still have bad days, but I am now acutely aware when I am jumping on the merry-go-round of negative thinking. I was adamant I was a lost cause, but I am now aware that subconsciously I had been playing victim for such a long time, that in a way it was self gratifying but amazingly debilitating at the same time. Now having worked with Dave, I don’t dwell under the misapprehension that I am somehow broken and need fixing at some future point.

Dave made me feel safe throughout the sessions and he demonstrated attentive listening and non-judgemental communication at all times.
Dave’s willingness to share his own life experiences made me feel as if he could relate to me, which in turn made me feel that what I was sharing was not trivial.
It was reassuring that Dave was there and never made feel that I was being a nuisance communicating with him outside of our sessions.
I felt supported and motivated following any type of communication.
The sessions were worth every penny. You cannot put a price on your happiness.”  Catrin Davies.

Catrin Davies

“I was given Dave’s name by my G.P and decided to contact him as my worries were getting too much for me.

The problem was getting out of control, my worries were becoming insane. I thought the only way out of my problem was medication, a route I did not want to take.
It took one telephone conversation and one one-to-one session to change.

I did not feel judged, I felt understood. The session was very calming and I felt safe because of this.

Had I not taken any action and continued as I was I definitely think I would’ve cracked up, for sure! I feel positive now.
I remember Dave’s words and call upon them if need be. I feel stronger and much happier. I would recommend Dave because he is “normal”.
He is genuine, safe and light-hearted.
He knew what I was thinking and didn’t make me feel stupid”. Susan Jones.

Susan Jones

“I first met with Dave at a business meeting that met on a regular basis, we talked about how he could help people in many ways but I confess to being sceptical because of the wide variety of problems he felt he was able to address.
In 1996 I spent a romantic weekend with my (later to be) wife in Paris. On the way down from the top of the Eiffel Tower I felt very dizzy and subsequently suffered with dizziness whenever I was exposed to heights.
Fortunately, as a Chartered Accountant, I don’t need to be good with heights and the problem never really bothered me until an incident on holiday on 2009 when I found myself on a bridge over a motorway.
Although the hand rails were 4ft high I had to walk in the middle of the road whilst telling my 7 year old son to keep on the pavement.
Upon my return I booked an appointment with Dave. He made me feel comfortable from the start and addressed the problem quickly.
Remarkably, he cured the problem in only one visit. I found it very helpful the way he took time to explain to me, at a pace I was able to follow, the way the mind makes decisions over real and apparent danger and how to help myself overcome the fears.
I am not planning a change of career to be a roofer and do not intend to discuss tax savings with clients at the top of scaffolding but am really glad I asked Dave for help and wish I had done so sooner.
The proof of the pudding being in the eating…I went to Paris last year and had no problems at the Eiffel Tower. This experience helped me know that I could talk Dave openly and confidentially without fear of feeling foolish or being ridiculed.
Recently I had a number of very difficult business decisions to make which I found it challenging to think clearly about and was very worried.
I telephoned Dave, his initial response was very reassuring and same again…he made me feel comfortable at first and addressed the problem quickly.
This time it took two meeting. Although the problems were entirely different, again he took time to explain to me, at a pace I was able to follow, helped me to help myself overcome the fears.
The meeting was the best value for money this year.” Nigel Davies  – FCMA. Chartered Management Accountant.

 Nigel Davies 

“Constantly stuck in the past and putting my life on hold, the problem I had was deep rooted and emphasised by a incident 6 years ago. Triple checking my work, lack of confidence, no personality at all, beating myself up over small things days later, giving myself false ticks; everything was a snake in a box.

During my first phone call to Dave I felt like he had known me for years, he completely reassured me that my problem was treatable. I felt the tone used over the phone was suitable for the role he plays also.
Dave was open and honest and also gave me a brief idea of what will be involved.

I knew how many sessions it would roughly take & how much it would cost per session and because of that I was happy to book.
Initially I thought it would take a long time to change my thought processes but once Dave explained that these are just thoughts and put these thoughts in to perspective for me I realised that you can think whatever you like.
I was in such a state that I was happy to jump in the deep end, I had never done anything like this before.

I had complete confidence in Dave as I had spoken to two other customers prior to my attendance and they all said the same.. “Go and speak to Dave, he will sort you out”. This feedback coupled with the initial telephone conversation gave me complete confidence.
I felt like Dave had a complete understanding of what my situation was, he cut to the real issues and purely focused on the problems. I did not feel judged at all, these are real problems and Dave knows this, although my problems were not tangible they were serious.
He is a great reader of body language and knowing you can’t really do anything without him noticing and linking it in to the issues is reassuring as you know you are safe that someone is there, noticing and dealing with the issues.

It was clear that Dave really enjoys his job and you can see the dedication pouring through him knowing that this is a quality service and that he cares.
He really cut to the core of the issues and changed my life for the better.

It took 3 Sessions to change as was discussed, and between sessions I knew that Dave was just a phone call away.

Had I not taken action and gone to see Dave, I would have lived the rest of my life as an insecure, anxiety filled, introvert with no personality what so ever, my stress level would have increased due to not having the tools in place to deal with situations which Dave can provide. If it wasn’t for Dave I would be living bits of other people’s lives rather than my own. I would have always lived in the past on not focused on the NOW which is where living your life is done at its best.

It has opened up new thought channels which were completely blocked previously. I now feel my future will change as a direct result of my meetings with Dave.
I feel increasingly confident and independent, my personality is coming back, anxiety levels have dropped, energy levels increased,
I have the want to go out there and live – a feeling I haven’t had before speaking to Dave. No longer locked in my past.

Some people may say they can’t afford help, but if you speak to Dave you can’t afford not to – he offers you a gift not many people have.” Martin Williams.

Martin Williams

“I contacted Dave the first time 2 years ago – for an issue which he resolved brilliantly – and contacted him again recently to solve a different problem which had affected my quality of life from my early childhood.
During that first phone call 2 years ago, Dave came across straight away as someone with extensive experience and insight.
He gave me unhurried time and attention. The problem I contacted Dave about this second time was something that had always been with me, and had affected pretty much everything, from my relationships to my career, to my everyday life and self esteem.
I used to think it was just the way I was, and all I could do about it was grin and bear it. I’d never imagined that the solution could be something so fundamentally simple and natural. It makes me feel I’ve fallen in love with my life all over again!
I definitely thought the problem would have been a big, lengthy thing to change. I actually doubted it was feasible. I eventually decided to give it a try as after all I had nothing to lose.
Dave doesn’t leave any stone unturned, and his sessions are intense; no wasted time.
He explains what he is doing and why.

Three sessions later, and I have DEFINITELY changed. I feel I’ve been given a ‘key’ that now I can use for myself; I’ve been empowered.

Had I not been to see Dave life would have been hard. Continuously, unrelievedly hard. My well-being depended on external circumstances… although rationally I knew that that shouldn’t have been the case, I’d never been able to apply that concept to everyday real life.
If I hadn’t taken action, it would have continued to be ups and downs, suffering, frustration, escapism, problematic interactions, and situations that kept repeating themselves, always similar.

I would recommend Dave to someone else because he’s fast, no-nonsense, effective, experienced, personal, and genuinely passionate about enabling people to live better.

It was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. Now I wish I’d done it earlier, but I’m glad beyond words that I’ve had the opportunity at all. It was a turning point.

My quality of life, and that of my nearest and dearest, has increased dramatically. I now feel safe, confident, empowered, optimistic, serene. I feel in control, I know I won’t be overwhelmed by events anymore.

I look forward to challenges instead of wincing at the thought!” Allie Cingi.

Allie Cingi

“The session was amazing and really helped me to get a lot of s#!t in perspective.
You also showed me how to simply let go, which has been of huge benefit to me and I genuinely feel empowered after our session.
I am walking an honest line at the moment and am undergoing a creative burst that has been only present in fits and starts over the last few years. Thanks for everything mate and oh yes…… I wrote that song.”


“Right this very moment approximately an hour after the training or experience as I would prefer to call it, how do I feel? Well I feel extremely peaceful, cool and at one with myself and the world! I feel no pain emotional or physical, and somewhat empowered to move forward without caring in what specific direction that I take myself! Will I achieve what I want to? Well I am a damn site neater than I was this morning!!!
Does it matter if I make a few mistakes … Does it hell … My only judge is me … And this judge has given up making critical judgements! Am I free of all the nonsense that I throw at myself … No but I have the tools to deal with myself! Will I open myself up show vulnerability and find love … Hell why the bloody hell not! Do I have any pearls of wisdom … I get it so you can get it … The theory is easy the practice will not be hard it will be fun!
Most importantly I have met some awesome people who I know will enhance my being! Thanks guys!”

(workshop testimonial) 



“Dave was very understanding and gave me an insight into the sessions that would come, he explained that I was not alone in my thinking and that he could easily sort me out, which he did.

Before the sessions I used to think about the worst case/saddest outcome of all situations that I had also thought up from thin air. This then made me sad and apprehensive to be in situations where I didn’t know the outcome. I had been like this for approx 2 yrs.
I believed until I spoke to Dave that I was not going to get out of the way I felt and was feeling. I had been to the Drs who gave me medication and referred me to NHS counselling, which I am still waiting for 6 months later. It only took 2 sessions to change, and this was only because I was in a place where I thought I couldn’t be helped, WHICH WAS WRONG!!!!

Dave did not judge at all, if u get chatting to him you’ll realise he’s been there to, there was uncomfortable moments but you’ll find out that these are there to make you think differently and get on the road to being happy.

I now feel a lot more positive and look forward to new situations where I don’t know the outcome, the cost of the sessions is nothing to what I have achieved with Dave’s guidance.
I would recommend Dave to someone else because he sorted me out. If I knew someone who was struggling I’d let them have his number immediately.”
John Williams.

John Williams

“A family member put me in touch with Dave as he had successfully helped her. I had been suffering from anxiety all my life for as long as I can remember (approx 32 years). Couldn’t put my finger on it but just knew I wasn’t happy in my life. Could say I lacked emotion I guess.

I previously had counselling a few times and seen a psychological councillor but little had changed really. I knew something had to work and was determined to find out what.

Although I had treatments over a number of years, Dave’s work was instant, which I had not expected.
 Although slightly apprehensive on what was ahead, I was made to feel very relaxed as Dave listened to what I had to say and made his treatment plan based on my explanation.
All actions were well explained before the session which helped immensely.

After 1 session I immediately noticed a life changing difference. I was actually smiling when I left the treatment session, something I hadn’t really done prior to. It was also great to know that I could drop Dave an email or have a conversation on Skype or facebook messaging.

I am now very positive about all aspects of my life. Have been reading many articles regarding personal life and also business successes books. Have a real drive that I never knew I had before. Determined to succeed is how I guess I would describe it.
Wish I had done this a long time ago as I think I would have got more out of my degree when I did it, rather than going through the motions and wishing it would all end. It probably seems very cheesy to put this but for 1 session to change as much as it did, I would have to say the cost was pocket change in comparison to the overall benefit received.

I have recommended Dave to many people both through my friendships and through my business. There are many individuals that I know walk around with excess mental baggage and problems that if they knew how easy it was to get rid of we would all be doing it. Everyone should have a session at least whether they feel that they have a problem or not. Change your views and perspectives and lose all the baggage you don’t need. You know it makes sense. Thanks Dave.”
Kelvin Storey.

Kelvin Storey

“Ok maybe it was a bad move to start my 1-2-1 session with this guy with my “Yeah try your best but I bet you can’t cure me” attitude, but I can actually admit right now that I’ve never been more happy for someone to prove me wrong!!! To be honest I didn’t know WHY I needed to go there at all. The odd bout of “not me” that only reared its ugly head occasionally, that tiny 5% of ME that was starting to take over and make the down days unbearable: I’d had them for years, I’d plod along in my happy little life and then WHAAAAAAAAAACK down I went all over again. I didn’t know why. After 90 minutes with Dave his conversation ranged from complete inane silly chit chat to bursts of total brilliance………. but he was reading between lines, listening, saying things back that seemed to trigger something inside of me……something I didn’t realise needed triggering at all.He somehow managed to find the core problem to what was causing this annoying 5% to rear its ugly head. Once he identified it we could start working on it. Once we started working on it, once I realised the core problem, his words/actions made their impact – KERPOWWW!!!!! The “ME” that entered that room had an inner demon.
The “ME” that came out has NO demons and NO inner enemies. There are no internal boxing matches anymore. I feel totally at peace with who (and what) I am. It’s a bloody nice feeling and I’m certainly not going to apologise for smiling toooo much!!!!!” Fran Hammersley-Gane.

Fran Hammersley

Hi Dave, Don’t know if you remember me I had two sessions with you last year the fear of death thing and total low self esteem. Since then got part time job and my access to my diploma course is going fab had 6 merits and a distinction for my first essay, also I find doing the presentations and discussions a breeze, Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to find the me that I had buried away, if I need help again I will know where to come, and I would recommend you to anyone with any problems, thank again.”
Ann Marie.

Ann Marie

Thank you for giving me permission to clear my baggage.
Thank you for showing me the way to say thank you to myself and mean it.
Thank you for showing me the path to being content.

Thank you for helping me find the inner voice and know its ok to listen because its there to help me.

Thank you for the knowledge that you are there if I get stuck and need a nudge you can give it."
Geri Ruck.

Geri Ruck

I found out about Dave through a friend who has been on the NLP personal journey with Dave and the results seemed amazing. I was suffering a bout of depression and anxiety when I contacted Dave. During the first phone call I felt reassured that I was taking a positive step towards change.

I decided to book because I wanted to break negative patterns that had existed in my life for many years.

I used to have intermittent bouts of depression, more recently anxiety and panic attacks. I felt that this cycle of feeling well and happy followed by debilitating depression and anxiety was something I would have to accept and learn to live with.

When I contacted Dave I already knew from seeing how he had helped my friend and more recently my teenage son, that getting help could be transformative and not a difficult, long drawn out process. I only needed 3 or 4 sessions with Dave and each time I came away feeling so much lighter and happier because I could feel the process of transformation happening from the first session.
During these sessions I felt that it didn’t matter what the problem had been or how long I had been suffering, the process would work. I felt very open to change and it wasn’t a difficult process. Within minutes I was put at ease and laughing.
After each session I knew Dave was at the end of a phone to support me if I needed it, which was very reassuring. I now feel that I don’t have to let negative events from the past affect how I live in the present or the future. I am much more accepting of myself. I like myself and don’t give myself such a hard time when I mess up. I am more assertive in my relationships with others and won’t let other people’s opinions colour what I do or how I do it.

The initial expense was a concern. I am a single parent with not much cash to spare but was a sound investment enabling me to be a stronger and more confident person. Dave doesn’t want you coming back for lots of sessions but wants you to be well and happy as quickly as possible.
I would recommend Dave to someone else as I feel he has given me the tools for a happy and positive future which my family will also benefit from the strength I now have in tackling all sorts of situations.”  
Gill Lawton.

Gill Lawton

My appointment with Dave was made to help with my anxiety, being scared of flying, worrying needlessly over money, and an overwhelming feeling that something is going to go wrong.

Had I not had sessions with Dave I would have continued to lead my life suffering unnecessary anxiety as above.

This was affecting my quality of life. 

I believed that there may have been a possibility for change and this is why contact was made with David.

I felt relaxed during the sessions because of Dave’s informal manner.

 He seemed to understand my problems without going into detail.

Dave will not allow you to ramble.

Dave does a lot of work in a short session. He talks a lot and you listen because it makes sense. I felt he did lot of hard work on my behalf. He seems to cut through the bull***t and gets to the heart of the matter.

I knew he genuinely wanted me to get better. It took 2 sessions for the anxiety to change and 1 session for the flying.

I knew there was phone, email and text support if needed, although because of Dave’s work there was no need to use. Now it’s changed I feel more confident and the feelings of anxiety have gone. This was proved recently whilst my wife was away from me. I feel that my money worries have gone too and feel more generous to myself and others. The value of the sessions far out ways the cost. They are a bargain. Wish I had done them before. I would recommend Dave because it works, he is a sound man, makes you feel at ease. Generally the man is a lege." 
Jon Little.

Jon Little