If you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, the body is having an intense ‘fight or flight’ response...yeah?

Where does your focus of attention go or where is your awareness aimed? Most likely on the feelings!!! And on not wanting to feel them.

So the developing of a ‘fear of the feeling itself’ occurs - this is the trap that keeps it alive and kicking.

The feeling becomes everything to avoid at all cost and all your thinking starts to look for where and when it could happen again.

So you go to seek help, maybe, and they give you a management of anxiety coping strategy. But of course to manage it is already part of your overthinking pattern of where and when the anxiety feeling would/could happen again.

From my experience, all this extra fear of feeling and coping strategies are a cover over to avoid the actual conflict that is arising (possibly out of awareness).

With this discovery of the real cause behind the anxiety, sometimes we do need a hand. Until then, the game of avoiding feelings and coping must continue.

It's like the anxiety is very useful at keeping your focus away from looking at and identifying the cause.

The illusion of staying safe by innocently freaking yourself out.

P.S. I have not met one person that wasn't capable of changing the focus and direction of their attention. Coping and management always look like the best option when there doesn’t appear to be any other options on offer.

I don't believe in management. That's like saying I can't help you with your problem but here is a plaster to stick over it.

Stuff the plasters! Heal the wound so there is nothing to manage.

If you feel you need any help to understand or get clear on any of the patterns I have written about above, then why not just ask a question?

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