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I have come across the same errors and dodgy beliefs and patterns over and over again in the last 18+ years.

They always unwittingly produce what I am calling "the hidden struggle". The result is a business or career journey that is not enjoyed and is certainly not inspired.

Our level of enjoyment and the quality of our experience is completely dependent on a few factors, and how we relate to these ideas is the absolute key to a more relaxed and pleasurable journey / career.

Our relationship with the ideas around planning, future and goals, or chasing a fantasy future without being grounded in the present, often cause stress, anxiety, and insecurity.

This directly affects how we relate to others, and all business / career is about relating to others.

18 years of coaching and I see time and time again that what it produces is innocent suffering. Here are some examples of how it shows up; if you can relate to any of these below, you are unnecessarily suffering from the hidden struggle.

The effects of not sorting out your inner game for business / career

1. A displacement from this alive moment, always trying to get somewhere and never arriving.

2. An attachment to future expectations where your ok-ness is at stake.

3. Forced action against your intuitive nature; fear-driven movement, not inspired.

4. Hamster-wheel-type experience - never quite getting there, always more to do the more successful you get.

5. A level of background dissatisfaction that you can't quite put your finger on.

6. Needy and false interactions with others to acquire business, setting it up as "I need you as my customer to make sure I am ok", which drives people away as they feel this false agenda during any conversation.

This list is pretty endless really, the questions are whether you can see if you're engaged in any of these, and if you are innocently thinking you can keep going without suffering from them.

This list hasn’t even tackled the other most common issue of self-sabotage, but that’s for another time.

It’s a fact that the same business can be run from a completely different perspective.

Let us help you challenge your current operational perspective.

Your outcomes and success may remain the same either way; however, your experience of running your business / career will be completely different. FACT!

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