The only thing that obstructs your happiness is the THOUGHT that your current experience is not what it is meant to be or what it should be.

If you want your circumstances or ideas of self to be different or to improve,
then you have to start with the truth of where you are.

You can then use this as the key to change.

Accept where you are without arguing with it.

This takes the energy that is being used to mentally argue, and frees it up for use in creation /action.

Where is your energy being directed?

Do you moan about how life is?
Do you moan about how you are or have mental self-attacking-type thoughts?
Do you moan about your circumstances?

All of the above take place in thought-based meaning.
They are a waste of your time and energy.

Pull back into the room and accept where you are.
NOW move with your recovered energy and take action to change yourself and your life.

If you feel you need any help to understand or get clear on any of the patterns I have written about above, then why not just ask a question?

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