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for Personal Development

Join our GROW Membership Community to learn how to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing, so you can keep your life in balance, create more fulfilment without stress and high emotional states. Get clarity, so you can step with confidence into a new life.

Your Commitment is a Great First Step to Changing Anything

  • You will learn the ideas and principles that will completely change your life and the way you look at life and other people.
  • A healthier relationship with yourself and others.
  • Getting ongoing support to stay clear or to be able to tackle any issue.
  • You will belong to an incredible community of people who can coach you to a more liberating experience of life.
  • Never feel like you have to do this stuff on your own.
  • A great way to counter the negative people in your life, so they have less effect.
  • You will learn a natural way to build self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • You get the tools needed to naturally start creating the life you desire.

Our team has over 40 years collective experience of working with people to transform their experience of life.
Turn struggles into clarity, turn doubt into self trust, turn thought into action.
Learn to let go and evolve past whatever is 
stopping you from being who you want to be.

Here are some video clips from our membership group, sharing ideas we have and use around change and transformation.
We have the tools, knowledge and processes that work for your personal transformation.

Join now we will give you access to our 2-day course live event recordings worth £150 as a bonus


  • 3 LIVE coaching calls every month. These are recorded and available on catch-up 24/7.
  • A solid balance of support and challenge, grow and learn together.
  • Free 121 coaching sessions using our group mentors.
  • Foundational principles - Learn at whatever level you choose.
  • Connection and a great sense of community. 


  • Gain access to our private Facebook group - ask questions anytime. 
  • Your own private membership profile and login, tracks your progress to keep on track.
  • Access to all previous recordings of our membership meetings.
  • The cost is £25 a month and you can cancel at any time no obligation.
  • While you are an active member, you will have access to the 2-day course recordings.
  • After a year you get lifetime access to our Know Yourself course recordings even if you cancel. 


  • Being able to engage, ask questions, and get answers ANY time! 
  • Join a community built on genuine friendships with people who are all dedicated to personal development.
  • Have somewhere you can be your authentic self and share without judgement.
  • Get access to the tools to create the future you want.
  • You can work at your own pace of change, there is no pressure to do anything it's all about you, and your adventure in learning and growing.

What others are saying about our membership group

What others are saying about our membership group

Join now and get access to our 'Know Yourself' Course recordings worth £150 for free

  • Full access to members past recordings, over 200 hours of content.
  • Full access to our 'Know Yourself' 2-day course recording while you remain a member, 32 hours of content.
  • Full access to our regular live meetings, with personal ongoing support development and coaching.
  • Full access to our private Facebook group, including 1 to 1 coaching from trained members.