Know Yourself Experience
Understand & Connect to Yourself 
2 Day Workshop 14th - 15th Sept 2024

This will be the best choice you have ever made!

Limited to 16 places only

The Know Yourself Experience is designed to help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate the effects of an overwhelming state or experience.
  • Give you the resources to be able to not takes things personally.
  • Hit the stop button on overthinking and quiet your busy mind.
  • Keep your self-worth independent and unaffected by others' opinions.
  • Stop sacrificing yourself to try and smooth things over.
  • Reconnect fully with yourself and your life.
  • Stop the innocent sabotaging of your own self-care and well-being.
  • Greatly reduce or remove self-doubt in decision-making.
  • Overcome procrastination and unmotivated states, get the spring back in your step.
  • Understand what real self-confidence is and where it comes from.

Course Content

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 1


Introduction to mental space and basic NLP structures that will help you to understand how you create your experience. Once you get this, you will instantly have more control over thinking rather than your thinking running you!

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 2

Metaphors and Unconscious Communication

Ever wondered why changing using will power alone can seem so difficult? We show you how to use your unconscious mind in alignment with your conscious mind. This will enable you to get rid of the conflict often created when people attempt to change behaviours consciously. 

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 3

Values and Beliefs

Learn how values drive every choice and behaviour, and how your own beliefs and rules can trap you in certain uncomfortable patterns and experiences. We teach how to recognise and change these so you have more freedom and choice to create the life you truly desire. 

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 4


As humans we usually represent time in our minds in a visual way. In NLP, we refer to this as our timeline. We will teach you how to discover your own timeline and to explore how this may be restricting you in certain areas of your life. By making some simple changes, you can experience instant shifts in your perception of past, present and future. 

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 5

the 4 criteria for changing anything

We take you through a content free change process that reveals where your ability to make choices is being controlled from. Although you may want to change on a conscious level, there are always unconscious aspects involved. Until the basic 4 criteria are met, then you will be likely to experience unconscious resistance to change.  We will help you identify where you are getting stuck and show you what you need to do to move forward. 

Group of attendees on the Know Yourself Experience 6

Positive Thinking & RESOURCING

We debunk the myths around positive thinking. We will teach you what works and what definitely makes things worse! We show you how to create and connect to your own resources, so that you can find power and agency from within on a daily basis to raise your self-esteem and feel more confident. 

What others are saying about our courses and workshops

 More Course | Workshop Testimonials - Click Here

What others are saying about our courses and workshops

 More Course | Workshop Testimonials - Click Here

If you asked yourself these trigger questions, how would you answer?

  • Am I okay with not pushing myself to reach my full potential?
  • Am I okay with innocently suffering when negative experiences happen?
  • Am I okay with repeating negative patterns and behaviours?
  • Am I okay with not valuing myself?
  • Am I okay with not living an inspired life?

Of course, no one answers that they are okay with these things being present in their day-to-day life.
So, maybe ask yourself: what is at stake if I do not take action to change?

WHERE & WHEN - 14th - 15th Sept 2024

Course Times -  9:30 till 5:30  
One-Hour break for lunch
Lunch Choices - Bring your own packed lunch or check local restaurants (see map below)
The venue has been chosen to get us away from it all. A peaceful place with loads of space, lovely gardens and away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Venue Details & Map 

The Barn B&B
Ty’n Cellar Farm
Water Street
SA13 2PD

Email: relax@tyncellarfarm.co.uk

Telephone: 01656 748644

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