When in pain most people isolate themselves and don’t reach out
Do you repeat habits that you know do not serve you? Are you frustrated because you keep doing them?When you[...]
Suffering is not pain
If you can't make a distinction between suffering and pain then they get mixed together and life becomes a nightmare.Experiencing[...]
Negative is the new positive!
People often say that some of the things I talk about are negative.This is because when people are bumped into[...]
NOT LOVE – To try and capture another in the name of love is not love
When we seek outside ourselves for what we think will make us feel complete or fulfilled we can easily fall[...]
Energy direction – Redirect it or not?
The only thing that obstructs your happiness is the THOUGHT that your current experience is not what it is meant[...]
STEP BACK – When thought brings unwanted feelings in this moment
Do you feel you are in the actual thought or feel you are in a another moment in time? Does[...]
Sh*t! What am I doing to myself?
When thoughts are acted upon as if they are truth, it will always look like your circumstances are the problem[...]
The beauty of this experience of life
The beauty of this experience of life will elude us if our main purpose seems to be directed towards needing[...]
Anxiety or panic attacks
If you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, the body is having an intense ‘fight or flight’ response...yeah?Where does your[...]
So many say that awareness is the key. It’s just not!
Awareness is not the key, it's the starting point not the decision point.We can all become fully aware that certain[...]
Making a distinction in tears
Sometimes we can find ourselves experiencing an emotional release that can be tearful, bringing possible feelings of grief, sadness, and[...]
Two sides of the same coin – stop suffering and come alive
Suffering and aliveness can be seen as two sides of the same coin.Over fifteen years experience in helping people to[...]
It’s when we are in pain we fall back into bad habits
Pain being the event in the moment Suffering being the mental process that goes with it Most people in these situations retract[...]
I don’t do advice – I invite you to tune into your own
In my chosen field, I offer free phone calls to anyone who may be struggling, regardless of whether they book[...]

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