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Attending the course, I didn’t really know how it would affect me, I had no intention of becoming a NLP coach and if anything didn’t really feel all that comfortable communicating with people in general. Having worked with Dave before I knew that it was going to be intense, I had no idea that after the course finished I would have a whole new identity and that memories from the past (that I couldn’t even remember) where smashing things up in my head and causing me to believe I had severe mental health issues.

For someone who couldn’t speak in front of people for the fear of being judged I found myself wanting to sit in the chair and do the exercises because they were making such big changes in my life already!

The first thing that happened was that I realised quite quickly that I had been questioning my identity and my beliefs about how I felt about myself.

Once I realised this I realised it had prevented me from doing the things that I knew I was good at because I was afraid of people’s opinions of me. It affected the way I communicated with people and also highlighted why most of my relationships failed and I was struggling to communicate with members of family.

By the second day I had gone so deeply into a trance that I had to take a nap on the floor, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that my body was shutting down, but I found my brain was still conscious, despite my body signing out I was still aware of what was happening in the room.

Half way through the course I realised how unhappy I was with certain parts of my life, and this was when a change occurred. I was offered an opportunity for a new role and a new house, both things I had been unhappy with but not really seeing how it could be changed.

This change meant that I had flexibility which allowed the possibility of expanding my skills and the opportunities that came from this I never thought I would have the chance to do.

By the end of the course I completely saw myself in a different light, realising that I didn’t value myself and had structured my whole identity around this fact. Taking that away had dissolved issues that I had been struggling with for years. Things that made me anxious were no longer there. My values and beliefs had changed and I was no longer limiting myself.
Basically, if other people believed in me and loved me why couldn’t I believe in and love myself?

I realised also that I hadn’t been communicating with people because we weren’t speaking the same language. I also realised that in all my relationships I was looking for them to provide something I couldn’t do myself, this led to letting go of a relationship was potentially ill-fitting and that I had out grown this person.

I also learnt about presupposing and how I would take the factual information and assume what the person was talking about, the more I realised how true this was I was able to pinpoint where most of my communication problems came from.

Letting go of the belief that people were judging the things I was doing has removed any stage fright or believed anxiety and the little voice in my head criticising me has disappeared. I’m living the life I’ve always wanted to!

At the start of the course I was a person who was taking very heavy medication to resolve a lifelong anxiety and depression, I had spent years trying to get diagnosed because I had been told I had characteristics of this disorder and that disorder, but with very little success.

Now I am someone who is slowly coming off the tablets and suffer very little anxiety at all, If I get any I use the methods that we’ve been taught and dissociate from the feeling completely. I’m literally a completely different person living a different life  Jordan Shallish.

[NLP - 8 Days ]

Jordan Shallish

I wasn't originally planning on attending this course because I was under the illusion that my mental health was good at the time until some events that were out of my control triggered past traumas that I believed I had dealt with. It turns out I had only scratched the surface of the healing process.

My biggest and most valuable lesson I learned from attending "Know yourself master your life" is the importance of maintaining a healthy balance of mental wellbeing and that it is an ongoing  daily process just as it is to exercise and maintain a healthy physique.

I didn't understand how my own mind and thought patterns could completely control my life in some of the most damaging ways possible that held me back from achieving my goals in both my professional and  personal life. 

What I love about this course is the ongoing years' worth of membership and access to online coaching  if or when life can become an uphill struggle after the two days are over.

I left some serious baggage from the past  eighteen years behind in two days and with this course material and mental tool kit from Dave I am a much calmer person and can now handle quite a demanding family life as a single mother of three children with ease. I am also pursuing a PhD degree that I've put off for over four years with an improved self-awareness and belief.

On "know yourself master your life" I was fortunate to form some really good friendships which I didn't expect to happen. I would attend this courses over and over again as I know from experiencing many of Dave's courses that I would gain new knowledge and insight every time. Dave really does tailor his courses to the member's needs.

Highly recommended. Sarah Davies

[Know Yourself - 2 Day]

Sarah Davies

I was keen to attend the course to overcome difficulties in my personal & professional life. The practical nature of the course appealed to me.
Before attending the course I didn’t have a good sense of me and didn’t really know what I wanted. I didn’t feel that I fitted in. I had real problems communicating with some people and didn’t always recognise emotions. I was not aware of my own emotions causing me to react badly in some situations. I felt like the pieces didn’t fit together properly, rather than a piece was missing.
I hadn’t realised that I felt guilty all the time. Getting rid of that feeling, and knowing how to stop it from coming back, has been a real help. I hadn’t realised that I couldn’t see my future and it was a real eye-opener seeing how others’ saw their timeline. I also hadn’t appreciated how depressed I’d been for such a long time, the course has allowed me to completely reverse the downward spiral.
I’ve never been on a course like it! Even though I’ve seen it and experienced it for myself it’s still hard to believe that the practical exercises could have had such a profound effect, especially when most of the exercises seem short and simple. Everyone participated and supported each other. Dave created a safe environment so everyone could examine and share personal thoughts and beliefs, and nobody was pushed into doing anything or sharing anything they didn’t want to. Everyone wants the same thing – to belong and find love! I’m not that different!
I’d never really examined myself before and having a better idea of my beliefs and values will help me make better choices for myself in future. I appreciate others opinions but don’t feel the need to try and change into something I’m not and that’s unnatural and destructive to me. I can usually block others’ bad moods from affecting my happiness now.
I’ve been going through a particularly nasty period of being bullied at work recently, which caused a lot of distress. Revisiting the training made me analyse my values and beliefs. By untangling my identity from my job I can allow myself to put myself first and am actively seeking a new job. The training has helped me come to a decision I am totally happy with and take full responsibility for – I will be putting myself at the cause end instead of the effect end.
The training allows you to realise what makes you happy and what you want out of life. You can appreciate how others view things and see things in a different way. I am definitely happier and more relaxed since completing the course. I got far more than I came for.
Being able to move your thoughts from unhappy memories to (realistic thoughts) of a bright future is a priceless gift. This is such a powerful experience, I’d like to return every week. Elizabeth Pearce

[NLP - 8 Days ]

Elizabeth Pearce

Can't thank you enough. Your workshop wasn't just enjoyable. It was life changing for me!
An old trauma surfaced in our 'bubble' which I really FELT and I wept like a baby on the way home. A huge rock fell out of the rucksack.
You've even got me studying EFT now too which has already released another big fat trauma.
Saying yes to everything Uni (the Universe) sends my way and life is really opening up in an amazing way.
The only thing, Louise and I both swear now and find ourselves suddenly doing really funny walks!
Love and hugs from us both. XX.  Linda & Louise

[Know Yourself - 2 Day]

Linda & Louise

I met Dave by attending a taster session a few months prior in our work environment.

I wanted to become a more effective communicator, manage my inner state & to become a more effective coach.

I could easily get quite stressed and found it really hard to detach from situations that attacked my values.
I have always been able to get on with anyone but what NLP has done for me is given me the confidence to become a more effective communicator. Also not to care what other people think of me!

On a more personal level I also had a massive issue with food. Couldn’t eat or try new foods due to a strategy I had created in my head. Dave managed to break that and I can now manage to eat new foods.

The learning was fantastic, it was all about the experience with Dave opposed to the theory.

I have already began implementing techniques and communication skills Dave installed in us.

The biggest realisation for me was that we feel our own thinking!!! If we think something, we feel it, simple. Being able to understand and integrate this has helped me massively.
The number of things which have shifted in my mind to make me a more effective person is unreal.

The world is a lot clearer now I can see the dynamics, the world was a tough place when I was living inside my mind.
Simply put it will change your life! It truly is the start of a life changing journey.

I have already booked to do the master practitioner course.

If you have issues your facing at the moment and you want to be able to overcome them, then NLP is the way forward! Adam Barry

[NLP - 8 Days ]

Adam Barry

If am being truly honest having tried everything else I went on the Know Yourself workshop as a last resort thinking How could a life coach help me? What could a life coach do for me that the psychologists and psychiatrist have already failed at. I almost didn’t go my anxiety was so bad and it would be in a room full of strangers!!!!!! I couldn’t have been more wrong!

After the first couple of hours I was feeling really excited. This man was talking sense. I had never looked at my behaviour in this way and a realisation that I was causing my own suffering and I could be the one to stop it and explore and experience life again and enjoy it.

The main point that stuck with me was that I was not my thoughts. My thoughts are just that…thoughts and not reality! Wow my mind was blown!!! That was my new mantra and after several days of repeating this whenever I started to overthink things and living in my head I started to notice that there weren’t so many thoughts. If I did have one I didn’t grab it and run with it. I just saw it for what it was.

I started to notice that I was doing things without thinking about it. When I leave the house the grass is green the sky is blue there are leaves on the trees (would you believe it!) instead of constantly living in my head with my thoughts and not seeing what was right in front of me.

People have noticed that my behaviour has changed. I’m calmer and happier and they want to know how I’ve done it or what medication id had that had made the changes. This is where I tell them all about Dave and his Know Yourself Master Your Life course.

I would definitely recommend anyone to go on this course. I found life to be a constant struggle this course has shown me how to free myself and see for the first time in years. It's like waking up from a nightmare and realising that it was just a dream. I wish I had done this course years ago. Mair Ward

[Know Yourself - 2 Day]

Mair Ward 

My colleague booked the training after attending one of Dave’s ‘taster’ sessions.

3 colleagues had previously attended a taster session with Dave and were literally raving out about the subject and his teaching style

I entered the programme with some level of scepticism, having done a certain level of reading on the subject and having met people that treat the subject almost like a religion. My expectation or ‘hope’ was that;
a) it would prove my perception of NLP wrong and in doing so,
b) provide me an increased ability to communicate effectively – particularly in the capacity as an executive coach.

In a word, inspirational. Dave’s ability to employ the use of traditional tutorial / conscious learning and trance based sub conscious (un conscious) learning was both effective and amazing to witness.

More so – Dave’s personality was a great match for the group that he was teaching. We learned in a fun and informal environment – a thoroughly pleasurable experience.
After the first 2 sessions of the course I found myself doing a lot of self-analysis (soul searching.) This was an invaluable experience as it then fuelled my hunger to learn more in the remaining 6 sessions.

Between 2008 and 2012 I had a number of significant life events, negatives were; the death of both parents and difficulties in my marriage, positive being the birth of my daughter.

During my period of soul searching I came to the realisation that feelings and beliefs that I was carrying around with me as a result of seemingly unresolved (or unresolvable) issues was having a huge impact on who I was as a person and the way I interacted with the outside world.

My personal journey through the programme led to;

Complete clarity around the issues that I hadn’t realised were affecting me
A hugely improved relationship with myself (and consequently all those that I am close to and come into contact with)
An appreciation of the principles of NLP – its concepts and techniques
A desire to ‘re-start’ and continue my focus on my personal development
Using the NLP principles, concepts and techniques to ‘lift the fog’ and gain a better concept of reality

I got what I came for…..and a lot more.

In short NLP and the wider learning that I experienced with Dave has and will pervade every aspect of my life. The best analogy I can use is that it’s like learning to drive again.
The course of study has provided me with a grounding and a base, my NLP skills will now be used on a daily basis in a myriad of situations and will improve and be honed with every interaction.

It sounds cheesy – but the training is allowing me to experience life differently, more completely and far more positively. It’s a genuine gift.

“I AM NOW EXCITED” – it’s just that defining excited is quite hard!
I think it’s about enjoying witnessing the positive impact that the use of the techniques has on me and others.

I was fortunate enough to receive the training through a funded route, so I’m unsure as to the exact monetary cost of the course. However, that really doesn’t matter. When you discuss ‘training’ in terms of value you typically equate it to the improved knowledge or skill that you get as a result of your engagement on the course.

How do you place a monetary value on; being released from emotional baggage, learning to like yourself, learning how to ‘manage’ you’re thinking to help your daily habits / exercise and diet, developing skills to help others gain clarity and output in various aspects of their life, improving your ability to communicate effectively…..the list goes on?!

I have already booked the master practitioner course to gain even greater insight into NLP (all be it at a later date so as to provide me opportunity to ‘test’ and play with the skills that I have learned.)

I would also look to engage Dave directly if I was having personal issues again in the future or wanted greater clarity on any problems I was having in my thinking.  

Obviously everyone has their own version of their personal journey, not everyone will have the level of ‘buried personal issues’ that I had, some will have even deeper unresolved ‘stuff’. However – everyone will gain some level of personal benefit from the course. The learning of NLP and its techniques is a skill, having the opportunity to experience what NLP can do for you is a gift, this course of study with Dave provides both in equal measure.
I would refer this training to anyone and everyone so that they can have their version of the experience and gain personal insight. Gareth Way

[NLP - 8 Days ]

Gareth Way

"Well, what can I say regarding the Weller team! And they truly are a team! Headed by Dave, they are a delight to work with and the course is so valuable! 

My struggles have subsided, even though I still am dealing with troubles, but yet they no longer seem like troubles any longer, but challenges to progress through!
The following up support is incredible, and even though I only spent two working days with the other clients, I feel part of the group and can share anything!
The feeling after the event is treasured. There’s no need to wish to bottle it up as it continues! 
Well worth investing the time and the money!"  Julie Jordan-Legg

[Know Yourself - 2 Day]

Julie Jordan-Legg

I booked on this course through the Learning & Development Team within work as part of my PDP.

The course came highly recommend. I was skeptical at this stage as I wasn’t sure if this course would benefit me.
I wanted to make it work for me in work and didn’t think it would impact so positively on my personal life.

It was brilliant – Dave’s approach was spot on. Every day was different with the perfect amount of scenarios, trances and relatable situations. You can’t help but relax into Dave’s approach and go with the experience!

My relationship with myself was very judgmental and critical on my own doings with regards to balancing work life and family time with my young baby.
I also had a relationship with a colleague that was sometimes upsetting and caused a bit of tension and upset to myself.
During my NLP journey both the relationship with myself and my colleague have improved beyond recognition.

I am now able to detach from situations and manage them with a different approach and whole new meaning. I understand now where my thoughts and feelings are and how they manifest and they aren’t as negative or bear the same feelings they once did.

This course has changed my life - My approach to my thoughts and my feelings towards myself and others. My ‘map’ is open and ready for change and challenges and I received more than I could ever have expected.  

I can and do apply this training in everyday life, normal conversations, how I control negative thoughts and emotions and how I want to approach situations.
My work life is less stressful and more fulfilling and I am achieving more!

I see and feel myself being calmer in my thoughts.
I intend to progress to master practitioner because there is more depth to learn.

I would defiantly say this is a very worthwhile use of your time and effort to change your life.
I believe Dave came into my life with NLP for a reason and I intend on using it fully.

Thank you Dave.  Serena Riches

[NLP - 8 Days ]

Serena Riches