PRO Professional Development Programme

 Boost your professional skills

Next One Day PRO Training - 2nd December 2023

Our Pro programme is a series of day-long, in-person training events.

They are designed for you if you work with people and would like to develop your communication skills to be more effective.

This includes coaches, therapists, teachers, mentors, mental health workers, youth and community workers, social workers...

The skills we teach you on the PRO programme are at the leading edge of our own practice - we have over 40 years experience of working with people. 

Join our PRO community to keep your practice dynamic and alive, connecting and learning with others.

What will you get out of the programme?

Dynamic training

We incorporate a range of teaching/learning styles in a fun and engaging way:

  • Demos
  • Pair work + practice
  • Information passing through stories
  • Handouts and workbooks
  • Online resources

personal change

  • Experiential learning so you get the benefits of the processes too.
  • Understand your clients' experiences more clearly from going through the processes yourself.

follow-up support

  • Access to our online PRO materials (zoom recordings)
  • Invitation to a 2-hr online follow-up session (zoom) after each training day. This will be a Q&A with Tracy & Dave to reflect on how you're integrating the learning into your practice, or any other questions you have about the work. 

NON Members £150.
Members £120 - Contact below for discount coupon.
Businesses £180 Contact below for invoice.

#1 PRO Day -  2nd December 2023

Introduction to identity work: understanding who you are communicating with

  • Develop confidence in working on an identity level with clients to create lasting changes that impact your clients’ values and behaviours.
  • New skills in ‘playing parts’ for/with your client that have immediate impact on their understanding of their own behaviours and thought patterns.
  • Better communication skills both in calibrating your clients and also more precise expression to them.
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    What we cover:

    Here are the top 3 things you will learn on the course


    Learn to identify what identity aspects are being presented by clients through linguistics and body language -

    Conflicts in identity are often at the root of a client's issue. When a client is identified with their problem, or problem state, they will say things like: "that's just who I am" or "it's always been like that for me" or "I keep putting myself down."

    IEMT gives us a great model to work with the pronouns I, Me, Self, You to change aspects of identity that are stuck in a younger way of being. And NLP offers us a good model to integrate aspects through Parts Integration. 

    But we can also use linguistics and body language to elicit different identity aspects and to better communicate with our clients on multiple levels to ensure all aspects are being acknowledged.


    Learn how to communicate with multiple identity aspects with increasing fluidity and ease -

    One of the key challenges for coaches and professionals who work with people is understanding which 'aspect' of their client they are speaking to. Once this becomes known, the coach can proceed to make contact with the aspects that are being minimised or denied, leading to more awareness for the client and the possibility of integration.
    The result of this approach is that clients feel more fully seen and heard, and they are more likely to experience more peace and contentment.


    Increase your awareness of the impact of identity changes on your clients, both the short-term body/mind processes and the longer term impacts.

    Working on a level of identity change with clients can be quick if you know how to guide them through the process. If you don't have this awareness then you may bump into a lot of resistance.

    The immediate impacts on your clients can vary from big emotional releases and realisations in the session, to feeling 'wobbly' for a few days, to subtle shifts in perception.

    Identity changes are permanent changes. It helps clients to 'grow up' and also to feel more 'present' and whole, and to have more resources to engage with life as it is.

    #2 PRO Day -  6th April 2024

    Becoming the Unhelpful helper: an unconventional approach that works

    More information coming soon. 

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    More information coming soon

    #3 PRO Day - 6th July 2024

    Improvisation in client work: learning flexibility, creativity and playing the parts 

    More information coming soon. 

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    More information coming soon. 

    #4 PRO Day - October 2024

    Micro-communication: understand your client before they even speak

    More information coming soon. 

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     More information coming soon. 


    Course Times -  9:30 till 5:30  
    One-Hour break for lunch
    Lunch Choices - Bring your own packed lunch or check local restaurants (see map below)
    The venue has been chosen to get us away from it all. A peaceful place with loads of space, lovely gardens and away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

    Venue Details & Map 

    The Barn B&B
    Ty’n Cellar Farm
    Water Street
    SA13 2PD

    Email: relax@tyncellarfarm.co.uk

    Telephone: 01656 748644

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