Awareness is not the key, it's the starting point not the decision point.

We can all become fully aware that certain habits are not good for us.

E.g. smoking, drinking, getting angry and frustrated, persistent worrying - the list is endless.

However, is your awareness of this fact enough to change it?

Awareness is just the starting point for looking at what is actually happening and the possible consequences of that habit or behaviour.

Awareness can help you find the fuel supply that drives the habit.

But have you noticed that being aware of these facts/patterns does nothing to help you change? This is because you are now only looking at what drives the habit. You have not decided or actioned anything you just aware at this point.

Sadly the habit remains. Still no change yet.

The decision point is the point of permanent change.
When we end the fuel supply, we end the habit.

We have to change our view of the habit so the habit makes no sense to engage in.

It has to appear as if it’s a ridiculous thing to engage in.

Once this is real and integrated fully, only then will a permanent change happen.

Like an upgrade or system update, it does away with what no longer makes sense to execute.

This decision point is where I specialise.

A free telephone call can help get you to see the habit’s fuel supply, give you a ‘heads up’ and provide some direction on what's next.

Why not get a clear view on how to approach achieving the decision point?

If you feel you need any help to understand or get clear on any of the patterns I have written about above, then why not just ask a question?

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