Do you feel you are in the actual thought or feel you are in a another moment in time? Does it feel so real that you lose the reality of where you actually are?

Or do you remain here in the room and know you are seeing yourself as a character in the thoughts?

Have you heard the phrase ‘take a step back’?

1. Those who suffer more intensely think in a certain way; they feel as if they are in the thoughts they have.
Almost like they actually are in another moment in time.
It feels more real because they lose the room they are presently in.

2. Those who suffer less intensely think a certain way too; they know they are here in this moment.
The body knows where it actually is and uses this to see there is no danger.
They know they are seeing an idea of themselves in their thinking only.

This second view is what it means to step back out of the thought and back in to the room.
E.g. The real you is in the room looking at your idea of yourself in whatever thought you are having in that moment.

The new perceptual position of being here and now can help you to know you’re safe.
Doing this while you continue to look at the ideas of yourself in different moments in time can help you let go of the emotions, and balance.
It is like a return to sanity.

Some people do this naturally while others need to learn how to do this or to be shown.

Either way it remains a fact that you are only feeling your thinking in the room you’re actually in.

So are you in thought or are you in the room?

If you feel you can't take a step back that is like saying I can’t change my imagination or use my ability to imagine.

I have helped many people make this simple update, and the effects are amazing once they get this new skill working.

The common error here is taking thought to be real or acting like the thought is the reality. It is never the reality - it's always just thought being felt in this moment.

I have never met anyone who couldn’t learn this. The effect is a huge relief. Will you suffer in silence or step up and learn?

If you feel you need any help to understand or get clear on any of the patterns I have written about above, then why not just ask a question?

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