If you can't make a distinction between suffering and pain then they get mixed together and life becomes a nightmare.

Experiencing pain is an event = perceiving the event while it happens.

Experiencing suffering = mentally arguing with or remembering what is already over and cannot be happening now.

Why share this ?

Because when people get offered the opportunity to move out of the suffering they
respond with a can't-do-it attitude, almost as if they can’t see the
possibilities of that movement. This is when clichéd or stock excuses get acted
upon as if they are true and not just thoughts -.


You can't change the past.
Yeah but it happened.
Nothing will ever get rid of that, I just have to live with it.
This is just the way things are.

Yet all these statement fall away once the suffering and the pain are seen as different experiences.

The suffering can then be taken care of because it's no longer seen as the actual event.

Still can't see it? Okay.

If you feel you need any help to understand or get clear on any of the patterns I have written about above, then why not just ask a question?

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