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Dave Weller

Dave is a colourful character who can lift any room with his energy. He was an engineer for twenty-three years before successfully mastering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various other intervention models.
Since then, Dave developed NLP to include the Weller-Method, Behavioural Re-Patterning and Relationship Dynamics models to teach his clients how to understand themselves and the thought processes that govern their limiting actions.

More about Dave...

Having suffered adversities of his own and sought solutions, Dave concluded that conventional methods didn't work for him, and his background in engineering helped him to discover NLP - a model which offers understanding of the human experience and the potential to redesign it for the desired outcomes.

Dave's journey produced an insatiable appetite for learning more about personal transformation, and in turn, has resulted in the creation of various approaches for helping people to uncover and resolve what has been stopping them all along. He lives the philosophy that anyone can change anything they want to, given the right conditions - and employs the above models to create the conditions for that change to happen naturally.

Specifically, Dave can help you achieve resilience in the face of the ups and downs of life by guiding you out of negative experiences and towards clarity, energy, direction and purpose.

Working With Dave
Dave has quite an unconventional approach to working with clients, which is best described as firm humour – laughter is the key to breaking through the tough stuff that gets in your way. Dave has spent over seventeen years perfecting this potent mix, and continually achieves a success rate of over 95%.

He gains rapport easily and quickly with people thanks to the depth of his professional experience - having accrued thousands of hours engaged in transformational work. He is a master at putting people at ease because his realness is palpable.

Along with his passion for getting people to understand themselves more deeply and learn new things about how life and the human experience works, he is an expert at getting clients to remove blocks, change emotional states and have new realisations that help set them free.

Save yourself time, money and years of struggling - get what you want right now.

Areas of interest

Working with people on any problem experience, from deep-seated issues to creating future success, including communication and leadership.

No subject is too tough or too small to be addressed.


Metaphors of Movement: Levels 1 & 2.
Emotional Freedom Techniques: Practitioner / Trainer.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Master Practitioner / Trainer.
Neuro-Linguistic Coaching.
Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Trained in Auricular Acupuncture: Various Protocols.

Tracy Breathnach

Tracy qualified as an NLP Practitioner with Break Free & Thrive in 2021. As an Associate she brings over 20 years of experience of working with people from all backgrounds and ages. She is an award-winning researcher and TedX speaker with a passion for transformation. In the last 15 years she has focused on trauma healing – both her own and now supporting others. She places a strong emphasis on the body in her coaching and can help you to connect to your body to release stored emotions so that you are able to live your life more fully. 

More about Tracy...

Since she was a teenager, Tracy has been passionate about understanding the human experience and she brings a spirit of curiosity and discovery to her coaching. Tracy can help you to understand what is going on for you beyond the surface level, in order to create more insight, which immediately will create more space, options and choices.

Clients often comment on feeling calm and at ease with Tracy. She will support you to connect to your own inner resources as you heal what is ready to be healed. Tracy uses a playful balance between support and challenge to reveal your own barriers and resistance to change, which once dealt with will make way for you to step into the life you want to create.

Tracy says

My big wake-up call came after a traumatic birth experience in 2007. When we experience trauma as an adult, we witness the impact it has on our bodies, minds and lives immediately. When I turned to face the trauma, I was terrified, but I found the professionals and friends I needed to support me to be able to heal this. Over many years, I worked beyond the birth trauma to heal all the stored trauma in my body that was created throughout my life. Trauma can seem overwhelming because it causes the experience of overwhelm in our bodies. I used to describe it as a kind of vortex. But I have learned that healing it is actually very straight forward - we simply need to be able to feel the emotions that have never been processed. This is uncomfortable, but with the right support it is entirely possible. I love helping others to connect to the inner resources they need to be able to do this.

Make no mistake, this work will change your life! It continues to change mine on a daily basis. Once we stop holding on to all the defence structures and beliefs that we created to keep us safe, once we find safety in our bodies right now, then we see the world in a new way. For me, one of the biggest changes has been moving away from a pattern of isolating and believing I need to do everything on my own (because I thought it was safer not to trust others), to reaching out and connecting with others every day. Break Free & Thrive offers me the community I need to keep growing with a balance of fierce truth and deep compassion. I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey to discover the truth of who you are.

Areas of interest

Women’s issues including birth trauma

Body/mind split and connection


Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Somatic Practitioner

PhD (Birth trauma and identity)


Raymond Evans

Qualified as a practitioner in NLP, Ray has spent the last decade supporting and developing individuals to deliver better results in business and achieve goals in their personal lives.
Ray currently specializes in change management, using the Six Sigma and Lean principles.
Along with these skills, his background in business and finance means he can understand and help clients from senior managers of PLC companies to staff on the factory floor navigate through the challenges faced by in and out of the workplace.

More about Ray...

Many of us have times in our career where we find ourselves demotivated, resentful or disengaged from our employers, whether that be through personal or work place issues. Ray’s focus is on helping you to overcome these hurdles and move forward, by working alongside you to understand the fundamentals and giving you the resources to help yourself.

The key to Ray’s approach is to unlock your ability to find a solution to a problem you’re all too aware of. The approach it simple, first find out where you stand from this position the steps and direction become clear.

Whether you’re staring at a wicked problem, or you want to move forward in your professional and personal life, give Ray a call and start to unlock your potential.

Want to know where you stand in life to enable to you move forward in your professional and personal life?

Get in touch.

Areas of interest

NLP Coaching and advanced communication for managing teams and getting the best out of people. 
Planning and accountability. 
People and systems.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Master Practitioner
NLP Coaching.
Six Sigma and Lean principles

Aron Weller

Aron Weller has been in the field of NLP for over 10 years, and has been surrounded by the subject since he was a child. At 16 Aron became a licenced NLP practitioner, with these tools he began to understand at a deeper level how perceptions and beliefs impact a person's values emotions. He became aware of how some of these perceptions and beliefs can innocently become a part of someone's self-identity, sometimes restricting people in places they would rather not be.

More about Aron...

He is passionate about helping people to gain a stronger understanding of who they are, and where they stand, to guide them to the right steps in their personal and business lives.

Aron's method: He is not here to offer advice but to provide insightful questions designed to help you to gain your own understanding and introspection. It is through this experience that you'll find long term integrated results.

His current experience has allowed his clients to dismantle blind spots, limiting beliefs, and unbalanced views that used to frustrate them and hinder their personal growth.

Do you want more for your life? Is there something you're passionate about that you would love to pursue and have it grow into something more than you currently believe to be possible?

Do you struggle with confidence, or understanding hidden messages that take place in day to day in conversation and body language?

Then Aron is the coach for you

Find out where you stand, build a foundation of tools to help you stay grounded and then get ready to take the right steps for yourself.

Areas of interest


Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Master Practitioner

Bronwen Mahoney

Bronwen Mahoney has a passion for guiding people out of their 'Stuck-ness'. The events, emotions and circumstances in a person's life, that prevents their growth or from moving on with a particular issue.

As an Associate, and being involved in NLP BFT and Metaphors of Movement, Bronwen knows the power of thinking, and how a new thought or different view point can bring around the option to have a different experience. 

More about Bron...

These skill sets mean that she can guide anyone to revealing the true nature of their stuck-ness, and how their managing and coping strategies can keep them stuck. How the blocks and barriers they have prevent them from moving forward, and how looking in a different direction, can reveal what's been overlooked in their options and choices. Most importantly, guiding them to knowing where they stand in life. We all need a solid understanding of our experience before we can take any steps to change our experience.

My Journey.

I first met Dave Weller, in 2014 when I was struggling with my own Mental Health. His approach was like nothing I had experienced, and I instantly resonated with it and understood how I was feeling my thinking. This was a game changer, and I became more aware of the amount of people around me that were also feeling their thinking. I wanted to share what helped me, with them. So when Dave suggested I attend his Beyond NLP course. I signed up, turned up and that's where my passion for language and how people communicate became ignited.  I picked up on the use of Metaphors in everyday language and how we are all using them to describe our experience. These 'Turn of Phrases' reveal so much about how we are experiencing our life. In fact, Metaphors and Metaphorical Language is how the Right 'imagistic' side of the brain, is trying to communicate to the Left 'logic' side of the brain; this also happens in dream state, and why some re-occurring dreams are trying to tell us something, again we just dismiss this information.

 So the brain is trying to give us full picture of our 'stuck-ness'. Its just that we tend to take no notice of these metaphors, and carry on trying to logically think our way out of the stuck-ness!

That's where 'the missing piece' is, in the Metaphors! … and after I completed a Metaphors of Movement course, I discovered just how I can help interpret the right side of the brain, to the left side, The end result is new information and new thinking. An understanding of what's really going on, where you stand and the options and choices available before you take steps.

When I combine this passion and skill set with the BFT work and the NLP, I can guide anyone to a new thought, or a full on lightbulb moment.  For me, hearing someone say 'I hadn't thought of it that way, that makes a difference' is what lights me up.  Seeing other's have the lightbulb moments, that I initially had with Dave's sessions, is what drives me to want to show others they too can change their thinking and their lives. 

Areas of speciality

Working with right brained communication through metaphorical landscapes.


NLP Practitioner

Metaphors of Movement Level 1,2,3.


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