Meet the Team 

Led by Dave and Tracy, the team of professional coaches at Break Free & Thrive combine leading-edge mind technology with a playful, provocative style to help you to get the changes you want.

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Dave Weller

Dave is a colourful character who can lift any room with his energy. He was an engineer for twenty-three years before successfully mastering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and various other intervention models.
Since then, Dave developed NLP to include the Weller-Method, Behavioural Re-Patterning and Relationship Dynamics models to teach his clients how to understand themselves and the thought processes that govern their limiting actions.

More about Dave...

Having suffered adversities of his own and sought solutions, Dave concluded that conventional methods didn't work for him, and his background in engineering helped him to discover NLP - a model which offers understanding of the human experience and the potential to redesign it for the desired outcomes.

Dave's journey produced an insatiable appetite for learning more about personal transformation, and in turn, has resulted in the creation of various approaches for helping people to uncover and resolve what has been stopping them all along. He lives the philosophy that anyone can change anything they want to, given the right conditions - and employs the above models to create the conditions for that change to happen naturally.

Specifically, Dave can help you achieve resilience in the face of the ups and downs of life by guiding you out of negative experiences and towards clarity, energy, direction and purpose.

Working With Dave
Dave has quite an unconventional approach to working with clients, which is best described as firm humour – laughter is the key to breaking through the tough stuff that gets in your way. Dave has spent over seventeen years perfecting this potent mix, and continually achieves a success rate of over 95%.

He gains rapport easily and quickly with people thanks to the depth of his professional experience - having accrued thousands of hours engaged in transformational work. He is a master at putting people at ease because his realness is palpable.

Along with his passion for getting people to understand themselves more deeply and learn new things about how life and the human experience works, he is an expert at getting clients to remove blocks, change emotional states and have new realisations that help set them free.

Save yourself time, money and years of struggling - get what you want right now.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Master Practitioner / Trainer
Neuro-Linguistic Coaching

Metaphors of Movement: Levels 1 & 2
Emotional Freedom Techniques: Practitioner / Trainer
IEMT Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Trained in Auricular Acupuncture: Various Protocols

Tracy Breathnach

Tracy brings a mix of playfulness, warmth and presence to her work as a coach. With over 20 years of experience of working with people from all backgrounds and ages, including children and young people, she works in a bespoke way with each client, and tends to focus on identity and trauma-related work.

She is an experienced somatic practitioner and a qualified NLP and Advanced IEMT Practitioner. She is also a trainer of IEMT.  She also offers OldPain2Go™ for people who suffer from enduring pain which has no medical resolution.
She is an award-winning researcher and TedX speaker with a passion for transformation and community, and also works as an arts, health and wellbeing consultant.

More about Tracy...

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your personal and professional life? Are you stuck in a cycle of negative emotions that undermines your happiness and wellbeing? Do you long for more purpose, passion, and joy in your daily existence?

Meet Tracy, a bright dynamo in the world of personal transformation, supporting individuals just like you to break free from limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and self-doubt to fully embody your authentic self and thrive. Tracy will guide you to express and harness the power of your emotions to create a life that is filled with satisfaction.

At the heart of her approach is a deep understanding that every person is unique, with their own set of passions, values, and desires. Sometimes these get clouded and contaminated by the conditions of our lives and our histories.

Tracy will support you to learn how to let go of the past, embrace your present, and create a fulfilling future. You'll develop new ways of thinking and feeling, cultivate resilience, and your own inner wisdom and guidance. And you'll do it all with ease, often some tears and a lot of laughter.

Tracy brings a unique combination of body and mind processes to ensure that ALL of you is welcome. Clients get enormous relief to express all the parts of them that they usually have to hide, even from themselves! This happens in a safe, gentle and playful environment that will expand your thinking and bring you a greater sense of wholeness and presence.

So, if you're ready to heal from past traumas, reclaim your power, and create a fulfilling and joy-filled life, let's get started. Together, we'll navigate your journey to freedom, success, and joy.

Tracy says:

My big wake-up call came after a traumatic birth experience in 2007. When we experience trauma as an adult, we witness the impact it has on our bodies, minds and lives immediately. When I turned to face the trauma, I was terrified, but I found the professionals and friends I needed to support me to be able to heal this. Over many years, I worked beyond the birth trauma to heal layers of stored trauma in my body that had been created throughout my life, as well as researching what trauma is. Trauma can seem overwhelming because it causes the experience of overwhelm in our bodies. In order to heal it, you can learn to release the emotions that have never been processed, and with IEMT I can support you to change a negative or overwhelming emotion in seconds. It has been life-changing for me.

This is change work and will make a lasting impact on the level of your identity – I am constantly changed by the work myself! Sometimes the hardest step is making the decision to commit to your own freedom. I encourage you to reach out, connect with our team and community and get the support you need to break free from limiting ideas of who you are and really begin to thrive!

Watch Tracy's TedX talk here.


IEMT Trainer

Advanced IEMT Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Social Panorama Consultant

Mental Space Psychology Practitioner

Somatic Practitioner

Old Pain 2 Go™ Practitioner

PhD (Birth trauma and identity)


Associate Practitioners

Debbie Edgar

Debbie has worked with survivors of domestic abuse since 2005. She is qualified in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Metaphors of Movement and Mental Space Psychology. She works with a wide range of clients and loves this work. She feels honoured  to witness the transformation that clients undergo as they work through their trauma and begin to build a brighter future for themselves.

More about Debbie...

Debbie’s approach to working with her clients is often described as straightforward and honest. She creates a safe space and supportive environment where her clients feel comfortable expressing themselves authentically. This welcoming space allows for both moments of laughter and moments of vulnerability as clients work through their challenges and pursue personal growth. Who knew therapy could be fun too?

Every client is unique, and their experiences and needs differ so Debbie chooses the technique based on how they present. This means she often combines elements of Neuro Linguistics, IEMT, and MSP, as required. These processes are effective techniques for processing trauma and emotional pain. These approaches help clients identify and release negative emotions and beliefs that may be holding them back from healing and growth.

Debbie loves using Metaphors of Movement to help clients with issues such as dream interpretation, food issues, and business frustrations. This approach uses Metaphors of Movement to help clients gain new insights and perspectives on their challenges, which can lead to quick and rewarding breakthroughs.

My Journey.
I had a call out of the blue that resulted in a long chat with Dave where I discovered his unique coaching and therapy style. The resulting training I did with him had an amazing impact on me and my life and eager to learn more, I decided to pursue my master practitioners’ certificate in NLP.

Since then I have completed many training modules and constantly refine my skills to ensure that I am equipped to help my clients achieve the life change they want. My commitment to ongoing growth and development is rooted in my belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.


NLP Master Practitioner

IEMT Trainer

IEMT Advanced Practitioner

Social Panorama Consultant

Mental Space Psychology Practitioner

Metaphors of Movement 1,2,4 & 5

HND Psychology

Emotional Freedom Technique

Handwriting Analyst

Raymond Evans

Qualified as a practitioner in NLP, Ray has spent the last decade supporting and developing individuals to deliver better results in business and achieve goals in their personal lives.
Ray currently specializes in change management, using the Six Sigma and Lean principles.
Along with these skills, his background in business and finance means he can understand and help clients from senior managers of PLC companies to staff on the factory floor navigate through the challenges faced by in and out of the workplace.

More about Ray...

Many of us have times in our career where we find ourselves demotivated, resentful or disengaged from our employers, whether that be through personal or work place issues. Ray’s focus is on helping you to overcome these hurdles and move forward, by working alongside you to understand the fundamentals and giving you the resources to help yourself.

The key to Ray’s approach is to unlock your ability to find a solution to a problem you’re all too aware of. The approach it simple, first find out where you stand from this position the steps and direction become clear.

Whether you’re staring at a wicked problem, or you want to move forward in your professional and personal life, give Ray a call and start to unlock your potential.

Want to know where you stand in life to enable to you move forward in your professional and personal life?

Get in touch.


NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Coaching
Six Sigma and Lean principles

Stephen Neads

Stephen is a qualified NLP and IEMT Practitioner. He is also employed full time and is a WABA boxing club coach, working with adults and children throughout the week. He is passionate about fitness and diet and the role they play in improving mental health. 

He has been part of the Break Free & Thrive membership community since 2021, studying the various BFT models, which has given him more skills and improved his ability and confidence to help more people. 

More about Stephen...

My Journey.

Most of my life, wherever I go, I always seem to attract people who need to open up to me and tell me their life story.

The feedback I receive is always “you’re very good at this”, “I feel like I can tell you anything”, “I feel comfortable when we speak”. I’ve got an excellent rapport and connection with people. I’m definitely a people person. 

As a child I suffered with traumatic events myself which I carried through into adulthood. Through hearing positive feedback about Dave Weller from a work colleague with similar issues, I decided to reach out. Best thing I did. It literally blew my mind.

After a couple of 1-2-1s with Dave I asked if he taught courses on this? Which to my surprise he did. I was soon booked on his course and my journey began. I started to enjoy life. 

After attending a 'Know Yourself Course' and Neuro-Linguistic Programming - 8 Day NLP Practitioner course, I realised this is what I want to do so I can help others like Dave has helped me. 

After feeling the effects of  IEMT- Intergral Eye Movement Therapy I also booked onto this course with Tracy which is also another amazing technique that I’m now qualified to use. 

So I’m ready if you want to get in touch and give it a go! Change is 100% possible. 

If you are reading this and you are struggling and have no one around who understands, please reach out to any one of us. 

We are here to help. 


NLP Practitioner

IEMT Practitioner

Nicola Kelly

Nicola is a qualified NLP and IEMT practitioner, and is a registered healthcare professional, working as a pharmacy technician.  Nicola has worked within the NHS mental health departments and previously for a private pharmacy within the HMP custodial environment.

More about Nicola...

After experiencing her own struggle with mental health a few years back and living in her own world of self-limiting behaviours - no self-esteem, stress and lots of anxiety, the daily battle of life’s rollercoaster seemed never-ending and she felt trapped in just ‘coping’ and ‘getting through’ life.  

After a recommendation from a close friend, Nicola reached out and sought help from Break Free and Thrive.  The realisation that behaviours can be changed was just like a ‘lightbulb’ moment - using neuro linguistics, eye movement, and the willingness to let an NLP practitioner hold the space while she explored what was REALLY happening in her own thought patterns. This was when the beginning of a whole new outlook happened.

Nicola uses her own coaching style of playful, calm, casual conversation, with her own personal understanding of your need to feel safe.  Nicola believes everyone deserves the chance to learn the tools and gain the knowledge that becomes available from coaching.  This gives clients the ability to get the motivation and drive to move forward and see that the possibilities are endless. The result of this is a more fulfilling and happier life.  

Are you  feeling stuck in a situation or with other people, struggling with anxiety or depression, lacking self-esteem or confidence? Do you feel the world is against you? Are you struggling with a phobia, inner conflict, health issues, work collegues? Get in touch and make the first move towards a more fulfilling and happy life. 

My journey

I first met Dave Weller in 2020 when I booked in for a 121 coaching session, I was totally blown away by the changes in myself and also the knowledge that he was sharing with me. After four sessions I joined the private membership group, then after a few months I attended the Beyond NLP Practitioner Training course.  I am on my own journey of self-discovery, it's ever evolving, once learned it cannot be unlearned and I love that!  Yes, I still sometimes have to keep myself in check, I am human! We are all human and very different from each other.  I'm still growing and learning, peeling off layers of ‘stuff’ I have stored for years ….... but I can honestly say, life just gets better as I continue to grow.  I did something for myself, and I'm excited to work with you to get the changes you want in your life! 


NLP Practitioner

IEMT Practitioner


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