Sometimes, from a very young age we get taught ways of thinking that really don't serve us very well. Of course, future planning is necessary and useful but some of the things that get added onto our understanding of how to navigate life really don't help. They can, and often do, set us up for innocent suffering. Why not start using time instead of time using you? Get involved - we are here to support you. 

We have all experienced how difficult it can be to change a stubborn habit or how sometimes we can use the failure of doing so, to reinforce how difficult it will be on our next attempt. In this video learn about:

1. Using pain and pleasure to your advantage.
2. Stopping the feeling dictating your next choice.
3. Attaching your new habit to something already in your current routine.

One new perspective to help you reduce the emotional charge behind thoughts or memories. Of course there are other methods and I have much more to share, but I have found that this issue is quite common and causes people to struggle a lot more in life. Hopefully this video can help to loosen off this common problem. If for some reason it is not clear, or you cannot get the desired effect, just make contact and we can help you more directly. Don't just sit there and suffer when there may be another option to learn something new. 

How good an employee are you if your job was simply to give yourself the things you want? If you're not all in on this, then can you expect things to change? Lots of people try to change difficult behaviours without first addressing and understanding self-acceptance. Yet without self-acceptance, permanent change can be elusive and seem out of reach. Why not get involved and overcome self-sabotaging behaviours or other innocent patterns that could be running without your awareness of them. 

When we understand fear we have a chance to understand some of the patterns that could be holding us back. Lots of people struggle with moving forward because of the fear of the unknown, yet our aliveness and spirit come from that very move. Fear has a lot to answer for. Why not get involved, reduce fear, increase courage, and start a new journey to a new you.

Let's look at some socially accepted insanity. Although only mild, if practiced often enough can produce a crap attitude and subsequently a poor experience. If we allow this pattern to run without keeping it in check, it can cause us to slowly become someone we don't want to be. It may be entirely unintentional and can be reversed with a little effort and a better understanding. Get involved, undo these patterns - become a more fulfilled and happy person! 

What if I told you there are two ways to look at, and then action your future plans.
Method 1 - Standard way of looking: As if we are actually travelling towards our goals or plans, I.E moving from here and heading off into a future.
Method 2 - To know you are not moving anywhere, and remain here and now. Knowing all action in this moment pulls the future idea closer towards here and now.

These ways of viewing our future create completely different experiences of what you're doing, try them on.