Working 1 to 1

We help people who want to improve their mental well-being to integrate a new mind set within 3-4 sessions, so they can get back to enjoying their day-to-day life without:

• Anxiety  Depression • Grief  Worry  Stress  Self-Sabotage • Past Trauma  Low  Self-Esteem • Panic Attacks  Phobias  Jealousy  Breakup Pain • Resentments  Background Dissatisfaction • Business Frustrations 

And More...


Step 1


Message us first, or just call. Let's connect and explore how we can get you what you want.
There is value in this call even if you decide not to book.

Step 2


A quick chat to get a little more information and to map out your next steps. We'll also gift 24 hours of free audio, whether you book in or not.

Step 3


The average person takes 3-4 sessions to resolve their issue.
Support calls are included in this process in the time between sessions.

Step 4


Your life without the problem. You have the changes you wanted.
New perspective, new view, new life.


  • We have been working with people for over 18 years with a 96% success rate
  • Our testimonials prove that our clients would recommend this service to others
  • Our unique style and use of the best in modern change work approaches
  • We're here every step to guide you to the changes you want until you succeed
  • We aim to make ourselves redundant as soon as possible 
  • We understand your struggles, we have been there and got the t-shirt
  • We exist because know there isn't much quality and effective support out there 
  • We also offer on-going support in the form of groups and membership if desired


  • We inform you what would be needed to get the changes you want
  • We'll provide an idea of how long it will take, and your next steps 
  • The opening call is of great value, even if you decide not to book 
  • We use the latest in mind technologies, and modern techniques 
  • Everyone is unique, but the average number of sessions required is 3-4
  • We use a no-nonsense, direct and occasionally provocative approach
  •  A little unorthodox, this is not traditional ‘therapy’ or treatment
  •  You won't need to talk about things in detail, just enough to create change


  • We correct errors in your current understanding and perspectives
  •  We alter conditioned reactions to provide you with new possibilities
  • We re-programme negative behaviours into new and useful habits
  • We'll teach you to develop new and practical ways to be more resourceful
  • We help you  develop an attitude that is lighter and more resilient
  •  We move you from using will power to creating changes at the unconscious level 
  • We won't need you to go into the details of what has happened

What areas of life do you need to get clarity on?

Personal Issues 

Body Issues
Worry / Stress
Lack of Confidence
Phobias & Fears
Compulsive Behaviours (OCD)
Past Trauma

Eating Disorders
Fear of Conflict
Low Self-Esteem
Addiction Patterns
Panic Attacks
Obsessive Thinking
Grief / Loss

Phobias / Fears
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Fear of Failure / Success
Social Anxiety
Inability to Say "No"


GENERAL Relationships:

  • Understand and protect yourself from other people's negative intentions and language,
    remain calm and choose a different response to difficult people.
  • Communicate with your children to teach them independence and resourcefulness, and still keep the ability to place understood boundaries.
  • Deal with parents without them making you feel like you're a child again.
  • Deal with authority in the working environment.
  • Improve your flexibility of behaviour; stop getting stuck in habitual communication patterns.
  • Change your attitude to life - this is a Biggy: when we are able to change our outlook, we have more possibilities to play with and more choice.
  • Get back your playfulness and dump the seriousness that most communication involves.
  • Deepen your relationship with friends and family or heal old wounds that keep you apart.

ROMANTIC Relationships:

  • Deal with the suffering of a break up.
  • Get the spark back in your relationship.
  •  Get the other side of resentment and frustration.
  • Smooth out a break up for minimum effect on the children.
  • Learn how to move on effectively.
  • Avoid carrying your past relationship into your new one.
  • Resolve issues with jealousy.
  • Avoid feeling like you lose yourself in a relationship and discover the cause.
  • Put a halt to being attracted to or attracting the wrong person.
  • Discover what's really going on when people blow up over the small stuff.

Choose the coaching medium that suits you best

Face to face

Online video calls, any platform

Phone calls

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